Joey Votto was unanimously voted Reds MVP by the writers, while Edinson Volquez was named Outstanding Reds Pitcher. Aaron Harang won the Joe Nuxhall Good Guy Award.

Volquez is a no-brainer, and though Votto certainly wasn’t the Reds most productive hitter, I’m not going to waste any breath arguing against his selection. He’s an excellent player, and I’m looking forward to him winning more of these awards (if he can wrest them away from Jay Bruce in the future).

There are twelve voters for these awards, from the local chapter of the Baseball Writers Association. Who are those twelve? Any guesses, other than the obvious ones?

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  1. mike

    congrats to the players
    I’m surprised the writers got this right

    Reds Win Share leaders from last season
    20 Votto
    18 Phillips
    17 Dunn and Volquez
    14 EE and Jr

    Dunn totaled 6 win shares for AZ
    Jr 5 for the White Sox

    Volquez was almost as valuable as the next two Reds pitchers combined. Arroyo and Cordero at 10 win shares each