Kudos to Reds owner Bob Castellini and GM Walt Jocketty. You would never see stories like this back when Marge Schott was around.

6 Responses

  1. Jeff Gentil

    A shame it wasn’t more publicized, but I guess even that is good because WJ and BC aren’t looking for pats on the back. This is a great story and a great gesture by the organization.

  2. mhopp

    This is one reason I have liked the Reds organization, they haven’t had too many of the high profile steroid abusers like many other teams. I’m glad that the superstar on the team (Jr.) did not come up in that mess like so many other superstars. They also gave Josh Hamilton the chance he needed to get going again. We should be glad our team has some integrity. Great Story

  3. Deaner

    Unfortunately acts like this do not get the publicity that they deserve.

  4. Steve

    Suddenly, I’m more of a Reds fan than ever. Way to go Bob & Walt!