Okay, maybe there is some action today.

First, the bad news:

Jeremy Affeldt became the first play (sic) to switch teams during the free-agent signing period Monday as he inked a two-year contract with the San Francisco Giants.

That’s really disappointing. Affeldt was the one free agent that I was really hoping the Reds could re-sign.

In other news, the Reds have signed Ben Davis, who has played several hundred games as a catcher with San Diego and Seattle. Yeah, he’s an extraordinarily craptastic hitter, but it’s just a relatively harmless depth-at-the-catcher-position hiring, right? Not so fast, my friend:

“He’s coming to compete for a job on the (Double A) Carolina pitching staff,” said Terry Reynolds, the Reds player development director. “We’ll see. Whether something comes of it or not, you don’t know.”

Davis pitched a some independent ball late last year.

This is the type of stuff I love to see. I don’t know why major league teams don’t, before releasing a minor league player, give every one of them a look-see as a pitcher, if there’s any indication at all that they can throw hard. Even if you only find one reliever every few years, that’s great. All kinds of pro hitters have been pitchers their entire amateur careers. You gotta think a handful of them, after flaming out as hitters, might be able to catch lightning in a bottle.

It’s outside-the-box thinking, and I think more organizations should do it.