It’s not just about baseball with Redleg Nation‘s Spotlight Players. See, Matt Klinker is giving back to the community:

Matt Klinker sat among the doctors and lawyers and farmers and law enforcement and engineers gathered at National Trail High School’s career day Friday, Nov. 14. He’s a pitcher in the Reds organization who was with the Dayton Dragons this summer.

“Anything can be related to sports,” Klinker told each student who stopped by his table in the gymnasium. “Lawyers, teachers, anything. If you can’t play, you can work in the front office. What are your grades? Are you planning on college?”

Go read the entire article; it contains some thoughts from Klinker on last season, which was a pretty successful one for the Reds farmhand and Redleg Nation contributor. Personally, I liked this part:

Klinker said he hopes to get a chance to play Class AA ball next summer, although he suspects he might have to begin the season at Sarasota.

If a long-term pitching career doesn’t work out, he has a backup plan.

“I’ll probably go to law school,” Klinker said. “I’ll get out that LSAT book that’s collecting dust.”

For now, though, he thinks mostly of pitching.

“I can’t wait for the season to begin,” he said.

Let’s hope pitching is very, very good to Klinker and that he ends up in Cincinnati soon. If not, Matt, I’ve taken that LSAT and graduated from law school, so talk to me first. While this profession has it’s rewards, methinks you will enjoy pitching a bit more.

I hope you don’t ever have to think about law school….