GM Walt Jocketty confirmed that the Reds have been in discussions with the Rockies. In addition to the discussions that we mentioned earlier, Jocketty said they also were involved, briefly, in Matt Holliday talks:

Jocketty said the Reds did talk to the Rockies about Matt Holliday, who is Oakland A’s-bound.

“Definitely,” he said.

Did it ever get very far?

“No,” Jocketty said. “Once we told them who are (sic) untouchables were . . . that was the end of the conversation.”

Meanwhile, Slyde hits the nail on the head with the Garrett Atkins discussion, saying that going from Edwin Encarnacion to Atkins is a lateral move, at best:

The talk yesterday of trading for Garrett Atkins left me with just one question: why? I’m not questioning why because I think Atkins is a bad player. That’s not the case at all. He’s a good – not great – Major League player. And while his numbers are inflated by playing in Colorado, it’s not as if he would likely come to Cincinnati and turn into a terrible hitter.

No the reason why I ask why is because he’s not really an improvement over Encarnacion at third base. On paper, they are essentially the same player.

Indeed. And Daedalus says Just Say No.