I gotta be honest — and I know some of you are going to disagree — but this makes me very happy:

Veteran reliever and free agent David Weathers is pretty convinced that his days with the Reds are over.

“As far as I’m concerned, I’ve flipped the page,” Weathers told MLB.com on Wednesday.

Since the end of the season, the Reds and general manager Walt Jocketty have had some talks with Dan Horwits, Weathers’ agent. Nothing has progressed to the serious stages, and Weathers said no offers have been made.

Therefore, the right-handed Weathers is looking elsewhere.

“I don’t anticipate anything with Cincinnati,” Weathers said. “They haven’t called but once or twice. The way we are looking at it, we’re moving on. A lot teams have called looking to talk, but we haven’t been allowed to talk about numbers. I look forward to Friday.”

I’m ready for the David Weathers era to end. My blood pressure can’t take another year. For what it’s worth, the article linked above takes a strange turn further down the page:

“The last time, I wanted to come back there really bad. I made a lot of sacrifices to come back,” Weathers said. “I’ve already prepared my family. They know things will be different. They think it’s kind of cool.

“I know Walt has a team to run, so there are no hard feelings. You just hope when someone tells you something, they stick with their word. I know Walt has a history of being a good GM and a good person. Maybe the economics of the country has affected things. Who knows? It would blow me away if anything got done with the Reds.”

Jocketty confirmed that the downturn of the national economy has made it tougher to gauge the market.

“I haven’t gotten a handle on it yet, and I don’t think anyone else has,” Jocketty said. “We’re not sure what the market will be for these guys.”

Meanwhile, Jerry Hairston, Jr., is looking forward to testing the market starting on Friday. He says he’s very interested in talking to the Reds about returning, but he also says that he is going to be looking for the best contract he can find.

As we’ve said here before, having Hairston on next year’s roster isn’t a bad thing…unless they are depending on him as anything but a backup. If you expect him to match his career year — from age 32 — well, don’t bet the ranch on it. Hairston has value, largely from his ability to play multiple positions, and that creates a little roster flexibility for the manager. But with his natural regression to the mean, along with his inability to stay healthy, I wouldn’t break the bank for Hairston.