This according to GM Walt Jocketty:

The Reds could be open to pursuing another shortstop, but it won’t be Khalil Greene.

Reds general manager Walt Jocketty on Thursday shot down a newspaper report out of San Diego this week that he was interested in trading with the Padres for Greene.

“We’re looking at shortstops but not that one. I don’t know where that came from,” Jocketty said as he prepared to return home from the General Managers Meetings, which were held in Southern California.

“I told clubs we’re looking for protection in the event Alex Gonzalez is not able to play,” Jocketty continued. “We’re not looking to take on a large salary. It’d be a zero to three [years] guy. Or, we might not do anything. We’ve got alternatives with Jeff Keppinger, Paul Janish and of course, Gonzalez.”

It’s encouraging, of course, that the Reds are looking for a shortstop. Further, it’s also encouraging that they won’t be pursuing Khalil Greene. Greene is one of the smoothest fielders I’ve ever seen at SS, but his value is limited.

On a related note, does anyone think there is any chance whatsoever that Gonzalez will be worth the five and a half million dollars he’s going to be paid next year?

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  1. Doug Gray

    While it is encouraging I guess, the discouraging part is that the alternatives include a guy who can’t hit, a guy who can’t field and a guy who hasn’t played a full season in years that is also coming off a major knee injury…..

  2. WhoDey

    I don’t get why noone likes Keppinger in that spot. Take out a slow recovery from his freak knee injury last year, and I am convinced he can hit consistently enough. And while his fielding hasn’t been phenomenal, I’d say he’s serviceable enough to keep. Who are you going to find that will be a much more valuable replacement, short of moving Phillips and picking up a 2B (Brian Roberts, anyone)?

  3. Kevin

    I don’t know about you guys, but I think this is great, great news (Cueto is safe and Khalil Greene is not coming to Cincinnati). I still hope we acquire some SS, and I also wouldn’t mind seeing a Bailey trade, but he’s probably included in “young pitching.”

  4. Joel

    WhoDey, Keppinger was very bad defensively at shortstop last year. Just about every system out there for rating defense has him in the bottom 3 at shortstop. When one system rates a player that way, you take it with a grain of salt. When they all do, it’s usually fairly accurate.

    And this is the problem with strictly using errors to judge a fielder. Kepp doesn’t make many errors – obviously a good thing. The problem is that Keppinger just doesn’t get to as many balls as the typical shortstop, by a large amount. That’s unacceptable at such a crucial defensive position.

    Maybe his offense will pickup, though I’m not optimistic with the way he’s hit right-handers in his career. He does hit lefties very well though, which makes me confident that he’s an excellent option on the bench or perhaps in a platoon. Defensively though, he really should be playing 2B or 3B with his range.

  5. GRF

    There was also a blurb that Jockerty had substantive discussions Hairston’s agent. Where does he fit into all this?

  6. David

    Chad – Greene and Gonzalez are essentially the exact same player. If you think Greene’s value is limited, then you answered your own question regarding Gonzalez.

  7. Dale

    I think Keppingers lack of range is out of self-defense..he is affraid to move to his right after a ball for fear that EE might field it and hit him with his throw the 1st. These 2 on the left side are the worst tandem in baseball. Kepp has the 2nd worst range for a SS, and EE had the 2nd most errors in baseball. Nice Combo!!

  8. Dale

    I’m really liking the thought of Alex Rios..word is he is available, he is affordable, and i think he could really produce in GABP.

  9. David

    I’d like to see Nick Punto get a shot for a year or two as a utility guy. He’s RF and ZR would have ranked 1st or 2nd among NL SS if qualified. He has also posted solid offensive numbers for a stopgap type.

  10. Chad

    Regarding David’s post #8:

    That’s my point exactly. Neither are particularly good options.

  11. GregD

    It wouldn’t surprise me if Gonzalez never played another game for the Reds.

    Where did you read about Alex Rios? He signed a 6-yr extension at the beginning of the ’08 season with a no trade clause.

  12. rob in stl

    If the Reds aren’t interested in Greene, why did wj take the time to dispel the rumor? Methinks where there is smoke, there is fire. Greene might not be the first option, but he probably remains on the radar.

  13. Phill

    If Gonzalez is actually healthy and playing this year….I would think he’d earn his paycheck but a large part of me thinks it just won’t happen. I really hope it does but I’m too much of a pessimist to pencil him into the starting short stop. The worst part about Keppinger isn’t that he’s pretty bad defensively but that he’s essentially the number 2 shortstop for the Reds right now. Now that’s scary. Where’s Manos De Oro when you need him?

  14. rob in stl

    Manos de Oro is a free agent y’know…..

  15. John of Muncie

    Where’d Edgar Renteria when you need him?

  16. John of Muncie

    Where’s Edgar Renteria when you need him?

  17. Dale

    Read about Rios in an article on Yahoo! Sports. It states that there is speculation that the Jays may move Rios or Halladay in an attempt to restock. If they lose Burnett, Marcum is out for 2009 and they’d like to get younger at 1B and 3B and are in need of Pitching. A buffalo paper states the Jays are more likely to move Vernon Wells than Rios, but that Rios would net a greater return, and the Jays like the idea of getting for Halladay a package like Oakland got for Haren. The Buffalo paper stated with Rios, Wells and Adam Lind in the OF, it’s likely the Jays move one to fill a bigger need.

  18. Mr. Redlegs

    Rios will cost the Reds Votto.

  19. Jon

    It seems like the Reds are 2-3 years away from being able to deal for these kinds of pitchers. They need this “1st wave” of prospects to establish in the majors and start winning. THEN start dealing prospects. You’ve got to win first, then deal prospects. A la the Dbacks for Haren.

  20. CharlieHustle

    Sign Furcal. Trade for Swisher.

  21. Dale

    would you deal say, EE and Bailey for Rios? or do you think it would take more?

  22. preach

    If the Reds aren’t interested in Greene, why did wj take the time to dispel the rumor? Methinks where there is smoke, there is fire. Greene might not be the first option, but he probably remains on the radar.


    Punto would be a better option I think. I would only go after Rios if I plan on making a serious run for the post season this year, otherwise the cost is just too prohibitive for a team two years away. That’s why I suspect that we may not do much until we get to the all-star break to try to load up for next year.

  23. brublejr

    I like Rios, but I would not want to give up what they will want. I would sign Juan Rivera from LAA. Given an oportunity to play everyday he is a 30 HR, 100 RBI guy and can be had for cheap. I would also trade Cordero to a contender for a reliever and prospects and sign Beimel from LAD and Cruz from ARI for the pen. As for SS, I would rather go with in-house than Greene. The only guys out there in FA market are overpriced for what the Reds need. I think it is a 1-2 yr holding period until one of the minor league guys (Valaika, etc..) is ready to go. Lastly, with no catching out there at all find a veteran backup for really cheap (Zaun, etc..).

    I would hate to see the Reds stockpile of young talent get traded off at this point. How many times has the big FA signings worked out for the Reds in the last 10 yrs? Keep everything small in FA/Trade market and develop the loads of young talent in the system.