Reader Mike has asked for the help of the Redleg Nation.  He has an autographed Reds baseball from the 1988 season.  The ball has 17 signatures, and Mike has identified 16 of them.  The mystery man signed between Chris Sabo and the immortal Van Snider.


Other names on the ball are: Herm Winningham, Jeff Reed, Keith Brown, Norm Charlton, Marty Brown, Ken Griffey (Sr.), Leon Durham, Eric Davis, Ron Robinson, Jeff Treadway, Chris Sabo, Van Snider, Pete Rose, Rob Dibble, John Franco, and Nick Esasky.

I’ve got no clue.  Rob Murphy is the closest thing either Mike or I could come up with, and I don’t think that’s it.

Rob Murphy Autograph
Any suggestions?  It could be a coach, but I can’t remember any of them besides Tommy Helms.  Maybe it’s someone who get cut in spring training?  Mike’s been working on this project for a while now, and I know he’d appreciate any help he could get.

9 Responses

  1. MarioSoto

    The last letter is a “g” or a “y” closest name I see off that roster is Pat Perry however it looks like Lee May to me.

  2. Doug Gray

    That would be Lee May like mariosoto said.

    It fits his autograph from the time period.

  3. Nugget

    my guess is Lee May….I think he was the 1st base coach @ the time??

  4. Reader Mike

    Does anyone know where I can get a look at Lee May’s signature to compare to the baseball? I had already ruled out Pat Perry and Rob Murphy….Thanks

  5. mham209

    Chris…Thanks, I think you’re correct, sorry I didn’t check your link earlier. The mystery is finally solved. Thanks to all those who helped!!
    Reader Mike (life long Reds fan – since 1968)