Via Crosley Field Terrace, I see this article by Joe Sheehan of Baseball Prospectus. As one of his “five radical moves that would give the offseason some sizzle,” Sheehan recommends that the Reds sign free agent pitcher Derek Lowe:

The Reds aren’t often thought of as players in free agency, but they could be an NL Central sleeper in ’09; Lowe, 35, would make them a bona fide contender. He’s a durable righthander who may be the safest bet in a deep free-agent pitching pool. His ability to induce ground balls is a huge asset in tiny Great American Ballpark, and his signing would allow Cincinnati to keep Homer Bailey, 22, in long relief as he adjusts to the majors, or to deal Bronson Arroyo for a quality infield glove.

Lowe is definitely a ground-ball pitcher, and I wouldn’t object strenuously to this signing, but I can’t imagine this would be the wisest use of finite resources for the Reds.