Jeremy Affeldt and Mike Lincoln have filed for free agency, the first two 2008 Reds to so declare.

I wouldn’t mind having both of them back next season.

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  1. Sultan of Swaff

    Affeldt is a must sign. 2 years w/ an option? As much as I like Lincoln, let’s face it, guys like him are a dime a dozen. I wouldn’t lob a whole lot of money at the guy.

  2. nycredsfan

    I agree. Affeldt would be worth spending some money on, but I’m not really bothered about Lincoln, especially if it cost much at all. Middle relievers like him kind of do grow on trees.

  3. mike

    We NEED Affeldt

    he is going to be difficult to get. He’s the best non-closer reliever on the market

  4. Dan

    Affeldt was a very good signing last off-season. He was solid.

    I love the fact that he hardly has a platoon differential, either. He is NOT a LOOGY. He’s a guy you could leave out there for 2 or 3 innings at times.

    He was also (if I’m not mistaken) the youngest of all free agents last offseason — 29. I think he was the only one under 30. If you were going to sign a guy longish-term, that really matters. (Guys in their mid-30’s are going to be in decline, and soon. Guys who are 29 or 30 are still almost at their peaks.)

  5. A

    Affeldt MUST be retained, but I think Danny Herrera would do a serviceable job out of the bullpen with his screwball. Josh Roenicke can take Lincoln’s place, and Ramon Ramirez can be the long man if he doesn’t break the starting 5.

  6. Dan

    Hey, this is off-topic (not sure where to put it), but what would you think about going after Milton Bradley and giving him CF?

    His hitting and fielding stats (at least the basic ones – range factor) are better than I realized.

    He won’t be cheap after the year he just had, and he’s always been injury-prone… but he’d be a good fit, I think.

    We REALLY need some OBP in our lineup!!

    Bradley’s career numbers are .280/.370/.457.

  7. Dan

    Oh, by the way, the good news on Milton is that he just barely turned out to be a Type B free agent, so he will NOT cost whatever team gets him a first-round pick!

    (Of course, this just serves to drive up his value, but whatever… a man can dream…)

  8. preach

    Dan, I read your last post first and when I read Milton and dreaming, I thought you meant ERIC MILTON. I threw up and cursed you. I did reverse it, but if you have problems for the balance of the evening, I apologize.

  9. Dan

    Ha! And you were right to do so, preach! That would’ve been blasphemy.

    I was wondering why my shockras were all off yesterday… 😉