–The Reds are on the board as a 50-1 longshot to win the World Series next year. Hey, that’s better than 7 other teams (SF, KC, Baltimore, Seattle, SD, Pittsburgh, DC).

The Red Sox are favored to win the championship in 2009, followed by the Cubs, Angels, Phillies, Yankees, and Rays.

More stuff I’ve been meaning to link:

–ShysterBall has a good post on Junior Griffey’s prospects on the free agent market. The money quote:

The only possible landing pad I see for him is as a gate attraction as the DH in Seattle, because at least there he constitutes an actual upgrade in performance. If they’re not interested, I think it’s entirely possible that he retires.

Unfortunately, I tend to agree.

–With the GM Meetings ongoing in California, our intrepid GM Walt Jocketty says he’s ready to start building. Go read the article, but try to skim past the part about Mark Mulder. It’s difficult to stomach.

–Finally, I’ve been meaning to link to a just-discovered Reds blog, Dunn and Dunner. Good stuff.