Congratulations to the Phillies and their fans.

My wife has ordered me to describe my reaction as the Phillies were celebrating last night’s World Series victory on the field. As I was watching the players diving onto the pile, I twice muttered, “stupid Reds.”

I want nothing more than to see the Reds celebrating like that, but this organization has bumbled and stumbled their way to about a hundred straight losing seasons.

Stupid Reds. No closer to winning a championship than they were eight years ago. I’m tired of the losing and the ineptitude. I’m tired of the excuses and the illogical management. I’m just…tired.

UPDATE: And still I can’t wait for pitchers and catchers to report….

11 Responses

  1. Mr. Redlegs

    An old basketball coach once told me, “Boy, losin’ is for purification of the soul.”

  2. Kevin

    Chad, after reading your comment, I now feel you’ve expressed the exact sentiment we should all have.

    Do we have that date yet?

  3. Jeff Gentil

    I always love watching the dogpile after the World Series and last night was no different. It always makes me feel good about the game again. When grown men, who we usually scream about for the money they make, act like kids and jump around and hug and cry, it makes me smile.

    I ALWAYS remember the very place I was on this earth the time Todd Benzinger caught the Lansford pop up and the Reds sprinted and skipped out of the dugout and onto the Oakland Coliseum field and jumped all over each other.

    Ahhhhh the memories. I only hope and pray our beloved Reds can get back there one day.

  4. Chad

    Yeah, I love that, too, Jeff. I don’t know why. I shouldn’t enjoy that so much at my age. But I do.

    And I remember sitting there, stunned, when Benzinger caught that ball in Oakland. Good times….

  5. Mike

    It’s understandable with all the joy involved but that pile on could easily result in a career-ending back injury,etc. to these million dollar athletes.

  6. Jeff Gentil

    I swear I thought Lidge was going to tear his ACL when Howard plowed him while Lidge was on his knees. It’s nuts in those piles (LOL literally)

  7. GregD

    The colors were close enough that you could take off your glasses and pretend it was the Reds celebrating

  8. preach

    The colors were close enough that you could take off your glasses and pretend it was the Reds celebrating

    I did that. Really. Sigh…..

  9. Kevin

    Haha, preach, that’s pretty sad. All I could think about is how lame the whole need to market the “world series champions” shirts are, and how them all being obligated to put them for the sake of advertising sort of puts a damper on the whole experience.

    I was 3 years old when Benzinger caught that ball in Oakland! I was probably in the room while my dad watched, but I don’t remember anything! I’ve been a Reds fans my whole life and never experienced a win! I’m about ready my hope is we do it before the 20 year anniversary.

  10. Steve

    #8 – That’s exactly what I did, too (except I don’t wear glasses, so I just sort of let my eyes blur over). 😐