I know this is a baseball blog, but I just had to ask: what’s wrong with the Bengals? 0-8? Getting crushed by the Texans? Ugly. What do you guys think?

At least the Reds won a game this year! The Bengals may not.

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  1. nick in va

    Two words:

    1. Mike
    2. Brown

    I think they should have gotten rid of Ocho Stinko and kept Rudi. A new offensive coordinator wouldn’t be a bad idea either. Ultimately, however, I have no faith in the Bengals as long as Mike Brown has anything to do with the team.

  2. DevilsAdvocate

    What’s wrong with the Bengals…is this a trick question? I don’t really follow pro football, but it was pretty clear last year that Carson Palmer was their best asset by far. And now he’s out – even the most talented receivers need somebody to be able to throw them the ball.

    No Defense + No Offense = No Wins.

  3. Brian

    Just shows how important and how great a player Carson Palmer is in my opinion. If you look at the games he kept them in the Dallas, and NY Giants games and every game he has not played they haven’t had a chance.

    At this point it looks like the Bengals are the worst in the NFL eve with the Lions still having a franchise. They need a runningback and a middle linebacker in this years draft. My guess is depending on the pick they have look for Beanie, knowshon moreno, or laranitis to be picked by the bengals.

    Oh yea and getting ride of Bill Willie Anderson could be the dumbest move in years even by the Bengals Franchise

  4. Bill

    The points about soP (son of Paul) are valid, but Rudi Johnson is horrible, has been for a number of years (see YPC), Willie Anderson is overprice and aged (though Stacy Andrews is no $7M man either)…bad decisions, bad drafting, bad coaching staff, horrible front office… = laughing stock of the NFL.

  5. David

    1) Undersized center being destroyed off the line by mamouth 3-4 nose tackles;
    2) A young and inexperienced defense;
    3) Anemic pass rush;
    4) The words Tommy John being anywhere near the same sentence as Carson Palmer;
    5) Top 3 WR missing all of voluntary minis and most of mandatory camp;
    6) Losses of Thurman, Pollack and Irons;
    7) Zero control over the players by Lewis;
    8) Failure to control clock
    9) Failure to prevent turnovers
    10) Etc., Etc., Etc.

    The good news is, this team legitimately has a shot at winning two games Cleveland and Kansas City. This team after selecting first overall could be a 10 win team next season with the return of Palmer and the banishment of Ocho suck-o and Marvin Lewis.

  6. Bill

    David, if you think soP is going to fire Marvin Lewis, you are kidding yourself. This is the same owner that brought back David Shula.

  7. Mike

    What’s wrong? They’re owned by a penny pincher.

  8. Brian B.

    Did multiple people seriously blame Chad Ocho Cinco? I mean, seriously? Really? Are you Paul Daugherty or a different member of the lazy Cincinnati media?

  9. earl

    The Bengals have a bunch of problems. They used to have a decent o-line, but it got old and banged up and was not fixed. Their linebackers got decimated and needed complete rebuilding. Their d-line was not that good and they lost their best pass rusher to free agency.

    They used to have an effective offense, but last year it had to be pretty much perfect and hit for TDs to stay in games. I think this lead to mistakes being amped up.

    I think Chad Johnson’s problem is that while it is fun to put some show into the game when you are winning, it looks really bad when you are losing. That kind of attention gets amplified when the team loses and while the offense was not the real problem why they lost last year, it was where the cameras were at.

    I think it has been all down hill for Johnson in Cinci ever since there was rumors about him and Willie Anderson getting into a fight at half time of the Steeler’s playoff game a few years back.

    I think Cinci should have taken the three picks from Washington earlier this year and moved him on down the line, as the Bengals have so many holes they need to stock pile players.

    What will probably happen is TJ is going to move on as a free agent and then the Bengals will deal off Johnson for half of what was offered last year.

    Carson Palmer is sadly looking like what happens when a QB with good talent ends up in club with little clue. Greatness in the NFL is so much more about luck of getting on the right team at the right time.

    While it is not good and the record seems to go against it, I do think the defense looks a bit better than last year. They still don’t ball hawk and get turnovers like they did a couple of years ago when the team was decent. If the Bengals o-line was better so they could run the ball or give the QB some time, things might be a bit different.