Anyone watching college football today? I’m heading to Charlottesville, VA, to watch the titanic struggle between the Virginia Cavaliers and the UNC Tar Holes.

Some of you may be watching a more exciting college football game today, although I can’t imagine there are any more scintillating matchups than UVa-UNC. Feel free to use this thread to discuss the football, or anything else you want to discuss.

Heck, even discuss tonight’s ALCS Game 6 from Tampa. Should be a very interesting game tonight.

7 Responses

  1. Deaner

    Don’t let Marty hear ya say that about the Tar Holes.

    My OU Bobcats are off this week but I’m hoping to see Penn State beat up on Rich Fraudriguez (I grew up in WV) and Michigan.

  2. Dan

    I’ll be there myself, Chad! Already wearing the orange…

  3. Chad

    Good to hear, Dan! Midway thru the 1st quarter, the Hoos are looking pretty bad, though.

  4. rob in stl

    Any chance the baseball will finish in under 4 hours tonight? TV is to blame for some of it, but most of it falls on the players. Constantly calling timeout, stepping off the rubber, pitching changes, too much nibbling at the corners….

  5. Deaner

    I loved seeing Penn State put a thumping on Rich Fraudriguez and Michigan!

  6. Jared

    Looks like you caught a good game.

    I don’t know whether or not to assume this is sarcasm:
    I can’t imagine there are any more scintillating matchups than UVa-UNC.
    …but around my neck of the woods, no one could care less. The only reason I remember what happened is because my wife is from North Carolina.

    More importantly, after Penn State beats Ohio State, Iowa beats Penn State (with a ton of rushing yards and TDs), all 5 of the top QBs lose in embarassing fashion, and Iowa continues to win out, Shonn Greene will have no less than a 5% chance of winning the Heisman!