From the Hamilton Journal:

Jamie Dismuke, who has been with the Reds organization almost from the day he was taken in the 12th round of the 1989 free agent draft, today was named manager of the Class A Dayton Dragons as they prepare to enter their 10th season.

Dismuke will be joined by two former major leaguers, hitting coach Todd Benzinger and pitching coach Rigo Beltran, to form an all-new staff for the Dragons.

I was surprised to see Donnie Scott be let go by the organization. He’d been a successful and popular manager in Dayton, the most successful manager in the franchise’s history; but apparently the Reds felt there was some weakness that needed to be addressed.

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  1. Mark in CC

    I’ve been a Dragons season ticket holder from their start. The team the last two years has shown more energy and fundamentals than at any time they have played.

    At the beginning of this past year the team had minimal talent. The position players with a chance were Fraiser and Waring and the others just weren’t very good.

    Second half they picked up Mesoraco and Soto while losing Fraiser. But they kept improving, and players like Cozart got better, and they actually went to the second round of the playoffs with a team that just didn’t have it at the beginning.

    Donnie Scott obviously showed them leadership, improved fundmentals and actually showed them how to win. You might say well that was his job but bottom line how many in the organization didn’t get their job done. And maybe most importantly he had some fire and seemed to care. He should not have been moved out he should have been moved up.

    He will be missed in Dayton.

  2. Matt B.

    Probably a reach, but I wonder if that brawl had anything to do with the decision to let Scott go.

  3. Bill

    I wondered the same thing myself, though in no way was Scott at fault for it starting.

  4. Matt B.

    Yep, that’s why I thought it would be a reach. Though, the organization may want to try and distance itself from that event in whatever way possible.

    I liked Scott and thought he did a fine job so I hope that wasn’t the reason.

  5. Mark in CC

    I thought the team actually played better after the fight.

  6. daedalus

    This actually makes me angry. That man was a big part of a Dayton team that draws better than any minor league team in the country. It isn’t right. The only way he should be “let go” from the Dragons is if he is promoted up through the system.