A couple of thoughts I had last night…

–Seeing Grant Balfour pitching so well for Tampa Bay makes me wish the Reds had stuck with him. Could we use that guy?

–They kept showing David Ross in the Boston dugout last night, and he looked like he was having a great time. Good for him. I hate the Red Sox, but I’m glad that Ross is getting to experience the playoffs. It may be another thirteen years before the Reds are back in the playoffs.

6 Responses

  1. Y-City Jim

    It is interesting to see Reds go elsewhere and develop into effective players and to look like they are enthusiastic. Makes one wonder if the atmosphere in the Reds clubhouse has to do with factors other than the players. Dusty Baker’s biggest job may be to simply breed enthusiasm. Is that something he is capable of doing?

  2. John of Muncie

    Building enthusiasm has to be hard in a place as negative (and in denial) as Cincinnati.

  3. Shawn

    I believe that winning breeds “chemistry,” not the other way around. Notice that Ross is the third catcher in Boston, not a key part. Balfour is a power bullpen arm, which he wasn’t in Cincy because he was recovering from arm surgery. No magic here, just circumstances and health.

  4. mhopp

    These are only two cases (Ross and Balfour). But when you put the others with it then you realize it must come from the top. Every place I have worked functions better if management is solid, why should baseball be any different? Terry F. has been with Boston and won for how long? It really has to start at the top and go down, meaning Castellini then down not the other way around. If that were the case then why would there be a need for a manager in the first place? Good managers bring out the best in all players, the Reds have lacked that for years!