I’m back from a golf trip and it seems like the Reds 2008 season ended months ago. Guess I needed this trip. Just wish I weren’t so terrible at golf. Either way, I’m recharged and ready for some more baseball.

Unfortunately, the only baseball taking place now does not involve the Reds. There have been some interesting games, however. What are everyone’s thoughts on the Dodgers sweep of the Cubs. Is anyone disappointed in that? (Not me.)

So what’s going to happen over the next few weeks…and beyond?

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  1. Mark T

    For the sake of general interest and cash flow, I’d like to see series go on more than three games – sweeps are boring for all but the fans of the winning team.

    So I’m glad the Cubs lost, but I would have liked to see them lose in five.

  2. pinson343

    Some postseason comments: Go White Sox ! (I’m such a diehard.) Junior had 2 singles and a walk in his 3 at bats today, and made a smart baserunning move (taking second on a fly out when the throw went to the cutoff man) that led to his scoring a run. His walk also led to another run.

    Can’t stand the Red Sox: the Angels letting an Ellsbury popup fall in for 3 runs made me turn that game off for a while.

  3. pinson343

    PS I was rooting against the Cubs but I can’t say I enjoyed their playing so badly. I wasn’t surprised at the result, the Dodgers are dangerous now.
    For one thing Furcal’s return helps them.

  4. Phill

    Cubbies choked once again. Happy about that. Gotta say the Angels look silly against the Red Sox.

  5. mike

    the Angels are silly. Their hitters mostly stink. They had one of the worst offenses in baseball and the lineup is made up of mostly speedy swing at anything guys. Get use to this because this is the route the Reds seem to be going.

  6. pinson343

    Hey David Ross in there catching for the Red Sox.

  7. pinson343

    It’d be nice to have the Angels bullpen.
    And Jared Weaver, in the first relief appearence of his career, looked really good. What a smooth pitcher, what would it take to get him ?

  8. mike

    And Jared Weaver, in the first relief appearence of his career, looked really good. What a smooth pitcher, what would it take to get him ?

    I can’t see how the Reds have anything LAA would want. They need bats and the Reds don’t really have any cept Votto and Bruce. I’m sure LAA would take Bruce for him but would you do that deal? I wouldn’t

  9. Matt Steele

    I’m just happy the Brewers are out of it

  10. Sultan of Swaff

    The feeling here in Chicagoland is priceless. The cocksure Cubs fans have now been pantsed. Heck, even the ChiSox have won ONE playoff game. My hope is that in the ensuing carnage, Cubs management will be rash and trade off value in an attempt to ‘shake things up’. To that end, it might be in their benefit to get rid of Soriano and Lee, but I’m not sure if there are takers for Soriano’s massive contract. All this volatility can only be good for the Reds.

  11. Mark in CC

    I have been think most of the second half of the season that the Reds should try Homer in the bullpen and watching Weaver kind of solidifies this for me. Let him start next year out of the pen. With his mind set and stuff he might be better suited for it.

    The guy I see in the playoffs the Reds might get cheap is Rocco Baldelli. If his health is good he would make for a great leftfielder and complimentary righthanded power hitter. I think he might even be a free agent.

  12. Mr. Redlegs

    The Cubs were built to win this year because of the pending sale of the team, so it will be interesting to see what happens with that club this offseason.

    The Tribune Co. is hoping to get $1 billion for all the Cubs properties–the team, Wrigley Field, Comcast Sportsnet and etc. But Wrigley needs almost $400 million in renovations and the team had a payroll of around $120 million this year. Failing to make the NLCS really hurt the debt-to-profit ratio of the property.

    So it will be very interesting to see how the Cubs’ gag job in the playoffs (again) impacts the on-field product for next year. Did this team’s window of opportunity pass?

  13. ErikfromRedlegrndwn

    the only thing I regret about the cubs losing is they didnt do it in chicago. would have loved to see the looks on the cubs fans faces.

    weaver has been fairly average to below average his whole career. I’d take him but I wouldnt give up anything for him. I would take a chance on baldelli. I might even consider taking a chance on sheets, since we have pitching depth for once in my lifetime to cover if he gets hurt. and of course a LF, and i dont care what side of the plate he hits from doesnt make a dam bit of difference in my mind.

    I love the playoffs, DVR has allowed me to catch at least some of every game.

  14. ErikfromRedlegrndwn

    mike – LA philly boring? who did you want to see brewers cubs? while the playoffs havent been exciting (given the amount of sweeps) it hasnt been boring either. especially the cubs losing, that was pretty exciting. Not sure what you would call a “non-boring” series, unless of course the reds we’re involved.

    and give walt jocketty a chance, Im sure he has an idea of what the reds problems are, they’re obvious enough. Does he have a clue how to fix them? guess we’ll have to find out the answer to that.

  15. David

    I’d like to see Homer sent to class A and work out his funk, similar to what the Rangers did with Voltron.

    I want Furcal.

    Interestingly, after just trading for the guy, the Twins are shopping D. Young for a 3B or SS. Could be a fit.

  16. Mark in CC

    there had got to be an issue there with Young. To good of a talent to be moved so often so young.

    The thing about sending Homer to Class A is I don’t think he gets it. He would be happy dominating at Class A again and not make the adjustments.

  17. Evarmstrong

    For those who have no faith in Reds management, just exactly WHOM in baseball do you have faith in? I am so tired of hearing arm chair wanna be’s bash the Reds. Think you can do better, apply for the job, write up why you believe you could do better and submit it.

  18. Y-City Jim

    Every post season prospect view I’ve seen has Bailey as a fallen, who-knows-what-will happen, nobody now. Hard to believe for a pitcher that was once one of the top 5 pitching prospects in the game.

    He looked like their top prospect in Louisville’s only postseason win. He’s only 22 and may still be the best of all the prospects.

  19. David

    Jim – I think your right that Bailey still is very young and has room to improve. It certainly isn’t a Todd Van Poppel story yet.

    The guy really only has two pitches though. His fastball and his curve are both plus pitches according to most. It’s the changeup that is killing him. I read an interesting article, maybe here or another blog, which showed the release point of changeups to fastballs coming out of Bailey’s hand. They were a good foot apart, meaning hitters were easily able to pick up the changeup.

    Maybe more time spent one on one with Soto would improve that.

  20. redhead

    Gotta be honest, I think I enjoy watching the Cubs lose as much as watching the Reds win! I hope to see more of both next season!!

  21. rob in stl

    I echo the sentiments of everyone on this board relishing the Cubs’ immense choke job. (Almost as many errors as runs.) Rest assured though, their fans will be just as obnoxius in ’09 as they have been in recent years. Ken Rosenthal didn’t jump off the bandwagon. He writes they should stay the course and with 5 to 7 postseason appearances per decade eventually they will catch fire in October. Made me ill to read it.

  22. Mark in CC

    I hate the repulsive Cubs’ fans as well. I almost think it would be worth letting them win one time to see if they would then go away. No more goat, no more woe is me.

  23. ErikfromRedlegrndwn

    david – I heard baileys developed a pretty decent slider and his change is slightly improving. Plus he had a knee injury, that will slow down anyone.

  24. mhopp

    I still have hopes for Bailey but he needs to either be at AAA or in the bullpen. Hopefully with the increased depth in pitching they can pull that off. Not sure if management is smart enough, and yes Evarmstrong I do believe I could do a better job than Baker (as could many on this board)…I could roll the dice and do a better job because that is all he does without regard to logic.