I just got an email promoting the 2009 Reds Fantasy Camp, to be held in Sarasota Jan. 31 – Feb. 9.

Sheduled to appear (Subject to change):

  • Johnny Bench
  • Ken Griffey Sr.
  • Lee May
  • Tom Browning
  • Jim Maloney
  • Todd Benzinger
  • Jack Billingham
  • Doug Flynn
  • Billy Hatcher
  • Brad “The Animal” Lesley
  • Ted Power
  • Joe Price
  • Eddie Taubensee
  • Chris Welsh
  • Herm Winningham
  • Joel Youngblood
  • Pat Zachry
  • and many more!

It sounds like a great time (though it ain’t cheap – $3,995 for the eight day event).  I wish the 2008 season hadn’t been such a nightmare.

Maybe I’ll start saving my pennies and make it some year.


12 Responses

  1. Y-City Jim

    Maybe some day Corey Patterson will be at the fantasy camp. 😀

  2. Y-City Jim

    The year I have enough money it will be a Reds roster of Patterson, Bako, Valentin, Majewski, etc.

  3. preach

    Corey Patterson is living his fantasy camp at our expense right now.

  4. Chris

    I was wondering the same thing, Preach.

    Great line @ #3.

  5. Chad

    I’m going to go to that camp one of these days. If only to meet Herm Winningham.

    Maybe Luis Quinones will be there.

  6. Chris

    I remember being scandalized in high school when I read a reference to Herm smoking cigarettes.

    Cigarettes?! An active ballplayer? Whose speed was his only tool?

  7. ChicagoRedsFan

    Chris – funny that you say that about Herm Winningham. I thought the same thing when I read a reference about him smoking in Hal McCoy’s column as a kid in the late ’80s. Getting him and Jeff Reed from the Expos was a nice trade – way to go Murray Cook! 😀

  8. Bill

    I know 3-4 people that have done this and all have said it is incredibly fun, but more than half have sustained some injury during the camp (pulled muscles, etc).


    You know they could get more people to come if they would bring back Jason Larue and Jaun Castro
    their my hero’s

  10. preach

    I’m going to go to that camp one of these days. If only to meet Herm Winningham

    For some reason I thought about this line earlier and started cracking up. Just thought I would share….