Go White Sox!

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  1. pinson343

    Great throw, Junior !!!

    Go Junior ! Go White Sox !

  2. mike

    agreed. Great throw.

    he was pretty awful for most of his time with the White Sox but when the pressure was on he was one of their best players. In the last week he’s hit for a 1.244 OPS and his last two weeks 1.067 OPS

    I’m really happy for him. Just wish Dunn could have made it as well.

    the Reds are awful

  3. Y-City Jim

    If only Griffey’s legs were still as strong as his arm.

  4. Deaner

    I was really hoping for the Twins to win, but all-in-all I’m very happy for Junior and loved seeing that throw from center. He can still conjure up some of that old magic once in a while.

    Remember that throw he made from RF during the last All-Star game that he was in?

  5. Glenn

    I hope Griff makes it to the series. It would cap off a stellar career.

  6. Sultan of Swaff

    I was at the game. Griffey’s throw was from medium center but on the money. The place exploded when AJ held on to the ball. Jr. also had a double. Not a bad night for the old guy…….and Jim Thome is a beast. Good for him too.

  7. preach

    Nice to see the Kid doing good. It feels weird rooting for anything out of Chicago, but Go Sox!

  8. mike

    for me it’s always strange pulling for a team other than the Reds but for the last 9(!!!!) years we haven’t even been close.

    I’m pulling for
    the Cubs over LA
    the Brew Crew over Philly
    then the Cubs over the Brew Crew

    Boston over the Angels
    I could go either way with the Sox/TB series
    errr..then maybe TB/Sox over Boston

  9. Phill

    I’m pulling for a Dodgers-Rays series with the Rays winning but the White Sox are on a roll so they could make it deep into the whole thing.

  10. preach

    I can never root for the Cubs or Boston. I like the Brewers and the Phillies. The Rays are a good story I wouldn’t mind seeing in it and I hope Jr gets a championship. I guess that’s a way of saying anyone but the truly annoying big market, big mouth teams…

  11. Mr. Redlegs

    Junior never had a strong arm; it was accuracy and having the picture perfect grip and throw mechanics. Notice how often his throws are dead on the cutoff man, perfect alignment.

    But yeah, it would be nice to see Junior get his ring. But it’s amazing how many Reds fans hate the guy, blame him solely for the past eight years and not only don’t think he deserves a ring, but doesn’t think he’s a Hall of Famer.

  12. Mark in CC

    It tells you something about diminishing respect of skills when they would tag on a ball that shallow.

  13. Bill

    I don’t blame him for the past 8 years, but I don’t understand some fans love of the guy and the Reds “thanking” him after they traded him. He was a great player before he got here, he wanted to come here, he was hurt a majority of the time he was here, he was never a great player here.

    I’m neither here, nor there on him, but he’s not a reason for me to root for the White Sox.

  14. GregD

    But it’s amazing how many Reds … doesn’t think he’s a Hall of Famer.
    How many?

  15. GregD

    how many Reds should be how many Reds fans

  16. mhopp

    Extra Extra: The Cubs are choking the Cubs are Choking! Big Z gives up 5 runs so far in the 2nd inning!

  17. Y-City Jim

    Looks like the NL Central is going to make a quick exit from the postseason.

  18. Mr. Redlegs

    But it’s amazing how many Reds … doesn’t think he’s a Hall of Famer.
    How many?

    You reads the blogs. Count them yourself. The threads are littered with these insane people.

  19. Mark in CC

    The answer is he is a Hall of Famer with a Mariners cap on.

    He was not and is not a Hall of Fame caliber player for the Reds or White Sox. So from strictly a Reds fan’s perspective he is not a Hall of Famer.

  20. Mr. Redlegs

    When did the Hall draw a line of performance demarcation for a player’s career?

    If Junior had walked away from the game in 1999, before his trade to the Reds, he had done enough to be a first-balloter.

    It’s a non-issue. He’s going to Cooperstown on the first try.

  21. preach

    It’s a non-issue. He’s going to Cooperstown on the first try.

    …and since he’s appeared clean in a generation of power hitters with dubious reputations, he will set some more records with his percentage of vote when elected.

  22. pinson343

    Someone mentioned that tagging up on a shallow fly showed disrespect for Junior. In a 0-0 game, runner with some speed on 3rd with one out, you tag in that situation, especially the Twins, who play a speed game.