–Closer Francisco Cordero had surgery yesterday “to remove a bone spur in his right foot, an injury that manager Dusty Baker said the pitcher has dealt with all season.” Sounds like an excuse for what has been a not-especially-brilliant season by the former All-Star.

–The Carolina Mudcats are the Reds’ new AA affiliate. They’ve signed a two-year contract.

Also, they have a great logo. Maybe not as cool as Chattanooga’s, but a fine logo nonetheless.

–Jerry Hairston, Jr., has done a pretty good job this season of setting the table for the Reds (on those rare days when he isn’t hurt or sick). Last night, though, he was an absolute butcher.

–All the coaches are returning for next year. Because, you know, they did such a great job this year. Of course.

–One of the sore-armed pitchers the Reds got in exchange for Adam Dunn is only hitting these days. And he kinda likes it. I kinda like it too; he can swing the bat.

10 Responses

  1. Kurt Frost

    Hairston shouldn’t be back next year because his eyebrows disturb me and I hate his warm up swing.

  2. Y-City Jim

    All the coaches are back – absolute definition of insanity – especially in the case of Jacoby.

  3. Chris

    Is there anything to like about this organization? I really enjoy Votto, but honestly, he and Voltron are the only guys on the team who actually delivered the way they were “supposed to.”

    I don’t want to sound overly critical of EE, Bruce, or Cueto, because all three had very nice seasons and have very good upside. I just can’t give them unqualified praise.

  4. ErikfromRedlegrndwn

    – sounds like its not something that was all that serious

    – well then, go mudcats

    – hairston needs to be an absolute bench player next yr. of course that means the Reds need to sign some better talent

    – all coaches back? I dont hate this, but i hope we have something in mind down the road (not much of a jacoby fan myself either)

    – Count me as one guy who emphatically wants them to turn owings into a hitter. that and use him out of the pen in games you need help down there.

  5. Chris

    Hairston: “To use a football term, I put the defense behind the 8 Ball.”

    Football? WTF?

  6. mhopp

    Well, I live about an hour from Zebulon, NC which is close to Raleigh so I guess it’s good news to watch the Mudcats as a Reds affiliate. At least the coaching will be better than the Reds coaches, I can’t believe they’re coming back. I realize now how much a difference manager (Baker vs. LaRussa) can make in day to day playing and in decisions of who’s fired/hired can make. Remember Jocketty had Albert P., Isringhousen and Larussa with the Cardinals so he’s a different person now the a fool like Baker

  7. Kevin

    I think the mudcats logo is way better than the lookouts logo. Check out the mascot

    How exactly will the transition work? Does anyone know? Do all the player for the mudcats from last season have to go look for work somewhere else to make room for all our prospects, who will just move to a different town next year but be the same team (with promotions, of course)?

  8. Y-City Jim

    I may go to a lot more Columbus Clippers games since they are now Cleveland’s AAA affiliate.

  9. Kevin

    I just saw on the Mudcats wikipedia page that Arroyo is a former Mudcat! Also, I figured out how the transition works, because the Mudcats were with the Marlins last year, who are now using the Jacksonville Suns, who were with the Dodgers last year, who are now using the Lookouts, so it’s just a little three team rotation.

  10. Dunner was cool

    i knew thats how it worked
    thought it was obvious

    that mascot is just a little to creepy for me…