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Dusty Baker finally had enough. When players on the Astros asked him about his daughter dating Corey Patterson, he felt the need to publicly address the issue. Baker has heard the rumor for weeks. There’s no truth to it. Natosha is not dating to Patterson.

“She hasn’t even been to Cincinnati,” Baker said. “This is so far out of line. It’s hurtful to my wife and daughter. How can people stoop that low? I don’t know who started it. But I’ve been hearing from fans, players, announcers.”

Patterson has been the fans’ whipping boy all season. He hasn’t hit. His average was .203 going into Wednesday. Wayne Krivsky said after he was fired that CEO Bob Castellini has told him to get the Patterson deal done. The inference being that Baker was behind in the signing. Patterson played for Baker in Chicago.

But Baker asked: “Who am I to get someone a job like that?”

Baker also pointed out that Patterson’s playing time is largely due to injuries and trades.

“Who else was I supposed to play the last two or three months? (Adam) Dunn and (Ken) Griffey are gone. Jerry Hairston’s been hurt. Chris Dickerson was hurt.”

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  1. Kurt Frost

    Does Baker really think we are going to believe he had nothing to do with Patterson being on this team?

  2. hammer1

    Well Patterson is fast, so maybe he runs over to Dusty’s house in between innings. 🙂

  3. Sultan of Swaff

    Yeah, so fast he almost stretched that routine single into a double…..almost. What a complete dumbass. At the time, we were only down 2-0 in the 8th, with the tying run coming up in a hitters ballpark.

  4. nycredsfan

    What kills me about this whole thing is it is OBVIOUS that Baker had something to do with his signing. Why would Castellini, who admits he leaves the baseball decisions to the GM and manager, take it upon himself to find this journeyman outfielder with very mediocre career numbers and make his GM sign him to a $3.5 mil contract? Of course that was Baker’s influence. Don’t forget too that Baker took credit for the Cordero signing. Maybe he only has influence when he can take credit, not blame. Plus, Baker is pretty quick to offer criticism of players to the media, but he has NEVER criticized Patterson to my knowledge, and often supports him unjustifiably. Baker must think we are all idiots.

  5. GregD

    “Who else was I supposed to play the last two or three months? (Adam) Dunn and (Ken) Griffey are gone. Jerry Hairston’s been hurt. Chris Dickerson was hurt.”

    That’s not entirely true. According to this daily lineup log Dickerson has been playing since the day after Dunn got traded until just 9 days ago (Sept 16th was his last game.) Hairston came back to play in some games before Dickerson got injured.

    Bruce has seen ZERO games in CF since the Dunn trade (and only 2 after the Griffey trade). Dickerson played almost entirely LF. And you got this Castillo guy in the Dunn deal, let’s see what he can do.

    Even with the OFers they have now, Patterson should be on the bench. It could have been Castillo, Dickerson, Bruce (or Bruce, Dickerson) with Cabrera, Hairston and Patterson on the bench.

  6. pete

    This is so f-ing funny that I can’t even find a suitable metaphor.

  7. NickP

    “Who else was I supposed to play the last two or three months? (Adam) Dunn and (Ken) Griffey are gone. Jerry Hairston’s been hurt. Chris Dickerson was hurt.”

    Um, short answer: Not Corey.

    Longer answer: Anyone but Corey Patterson, because he’s the worst hitter in the Majors, including pitchers.

  8. GregD

    Did anyone seriously think they were dating? I thought it was just a running joke in blogosphere.

  9. nick in va

    Baker drives me crazy. If Patterson is a Red next year I’ll start protesting outside of the stadium.

  10. Phill

    The problem is the rumor went from blogs to the radio and well the radio is for people who don’t understand how to operate a computer. I got no doubt people really do/did believe his daughter was dating Patterson.

    I’m willing to give Dusty half-credit here. There were injury problems and maybe Dickerson had told him his ankle hurt when he came up but they didn’t tell the public right away. I doubt it but it’s possible. Regardless of why or how Corey got playing time Dusty is definately wrong about how he doesn’t have the power to get a player signed.

    The craziest part about Patterson that just drives me nuts is who in the hell could see this god awful year coming? I mean how sad is it when you are just wishing the guy could hit .230 and keep a .290 OBP. I doubt PECOTA could’ve thought this one up.

  11. John of Muncie

    Methinks the Dusty doth protest too much.

  12. The Redhead

    You have to admit it is funny, and probably made Cory feel like crap that Dusty said, “I have had a lot of rumors spread about me, but this is the worst.”
    I would say so, that your offspring would date that talentless douche!

  13. Dunner was cool

    Whats his excuse for the first 2 months?

  14. Y-City Jim

    Dusty Baker is a poopy head.

    Speaking of poopyheads, where is Mr. Redlegs. I miss being called an idiot. 😀

  15. Dunner was cool

    Yeah but dusty didnt have to start him and have him bat leadoff

  16. Dunner was cool

    About the “Who was i supposed to play?”
    well he didn’t seem to have a problem with guys like Cabrera out there.

  17. over CP

    Injuries had nothing to do with it. CP was playing when we had Griff, Dunn, and Bruce. I guess we needed the speed. I wonder if Bruce will ever look back on this year and think about the fact that he didn’t break camp with the big team because a guy by the name of Corey Patterson took an outfield spot.

  18. mhopp

    If Bruce would have come up at the start of the year then he may have the ROY and the Reds would have had a lot more offense. Not to mention the distraction and controversy that it has created. I’m glad that if nothing else maybe we helped reduce the likelihood that we have to put up with this next year. Nonetheless, we still have to deal with Dusty next year, someone who obviously picks favorites over logical decisions to improve winning percentages.

  19. Chris

    Phill is right about the rumor. The guy who actually asked Dusty this question was being an idiot.

    But as for the other quote: “Who am I to get someone a job like that?”

    Get the hell out of here. I really can’t stand it when he lies so baldly.

    From his very first press conference, Baker has been bragging about how he was going to bring all these guys in to town.

  20. GregD

    Followed your link, Chris. Barry Bonds, Reds LFer in 2009?

  21. Mark T

    It’s encouraging that Dusty seems to realize that Patterson is not an asset. That means he may not be back next year.

    Dusty is yet to explain all of the games where Patterson, who is a swift fielder for sure, led off. That was just plain nuts.