Well, I’m not very pleased about this:

After 21 years as an affiliate with the Cincinnati Reds, the Chattanooga Lookouts will be wearing Dodger blue in 2009 and 2010 after the Southern League team signed a Player Development Contract with Los Angeles on Thursday.

The Reds are now searching for a home for their Class AA affiliate. The two matches the team has are the Carolina Mudcats of the Southern League and the Connecticut Defenders of the Eastern League.

The Southern League offers better weather for the team, while the Eastern League has easier travel.

Chattanooga owner Frank Burke told WGOW radio that the relationship between his franchise and the Reds had “become stagnant.”

Selfishly, I hope it’s the Mudcats. It’s closer to me.

It appears that the Chattanooga’s ownership was not pleased with the Reds. Read between the lines of this article:

Burke said Dodgers officials “are unbelievably excited about coming to Chattanooga.”

He said a host of major league clubs were interested in getting the Chattanooga franchise.

For one thing, he said Chattanooga is centrally located in the Southern League and has less travel than other clubs.

He noted that the storied Dodgers club is “a major market team that does major market things.”

Yep, that about sums it up.

10 Responses

  1. mhopp

    Holy crap…the mudcats are about an hour from me here in NC. I might have to reconsider moving to Georgia where my girlfriend lives!! Hmmm, a new girlfriend?

  2. mhopp

    …and the Mudcats stadium is less than 5 years old. A really nice stadium!!

  3. Dunner was cool

    Why couldnt we get one here in ohio
    we have the dragons (great!)
    and the reds (booo)
    give us someone else too!

  4. justcorbly

    Money talks.

    Beyond that, it won’t make a bit of difference. What counts is the ability to identify, sign and develop excellent baseball players, not where they play.

  5. Pat

    I am sad to see the Reds leave Chattanooga. It is a great city with a nice stadium to watch baseball.

  6. Kevin

    What a bummer. Came out of nowhere, huh? It’s weird, all of the players have to report to a totally new team next year but it’ll be a similar roster…Carolina and Connecticut…neither realliy strike me as good places to put a Reds team. If those are the only two options I say Carolina, just because there are some of us in Redlegnation who live in that area. Connecticut on the other hand?

  7. GregD

    I read about the Columbus Clippers signing to be the Cleveland Indians AAA affiliate. According to the article, that agreement gave Cleveland 3 minor league teams in Ohio. Columbus, Akron, and I can’t remember the 3rd.

  8. Mark in CC

    What would be great is if the Reds could move one of the Eastern League teams to Dayton.

    In 2007 Dayton had twice the attendance of Chatannoga so they could certainly support it. With Akron in the league it proves Ohio can be geographically part of the Eastern League.

  9. Chris W

    The Lookouts have always been my favorite minor league team. This stinks!

  10. Deaner

    I’m not pleased about this either! Number 1, there are a lot of Reds fans in Tennessee. Number 2, one of my favorite caps is my red Lookouts cap. Not only because it’s one of the coolest logos in professional sports but also because they are/were a Reds affiliate.