According to John Fay.

Dickerson is having surgery on Friday. Redleg Nation wishes him the best of luck on a speedy recovery.

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  1. earl

    Jay Bruce needs to work on his defense. He has made quite a few errors in the field and to be honest, I don’t think he is a center fielder.

    I think between Dickerston, bringing back Hairston and maybe Freel (who isn’t that good in center) that is who will split time out there. They could play Bruce there, but I would not look at him as the every day in center.

    The outfield defense has been quite a bit better since Dunn and Griffey got sent out. Patterson cannot hit a lick, but between him and Dickerson in left and center or with Hairston and Cabrera in the mix, they have been getting to some balls that would have been hits when Dunn was out there.

    Jay Bruce’s fielding reminds me a bit like Jeff Francoeur, who has all the tools and make the amazing catch, but then he will make the goofy throw or misplay the ball hit right at him.