Be afraid:

Now the question becomes which of the free agents should, or can, the Reds keep. Regardless of who the team keeps, Baker will have a team with a better bench and more speed.

“I love speed,” Baker said. “You can do a lot of things with speed.”

Be very afraid.

16 Responses

  1. Matt B.

    Why do 7.7% of fantasy league players have Outterson on their team? Does Dusty really have that much of a focus on fantasy baseball?

  2. Andy

    There must be some extremely ep leagues out there, Matt. That or all of Corey’s friends and family play fantasy baseball. You know Dusty owns him.

  3. Mr. Redlegs

    Wow, Pete. I mean, wow. Like, however many ways a post can be offensive, tasteless and on the borderline of racist, you hit on ’em.

  4. Kurt Frost

    Wow, Pete. I mean, wow.

    Would you ever say that in real life? It just looks so dumb typed out.

  5. mhopp

    Who’s Pete? Who’s Patterson? Who cares!!!!

  6. Mr. Redlegs

    “Would you ever say that in real life? It just looks so dumb typed out.”

    Like that brilliant line of non-solicited response is a Pulitzer–if you know what that is.

  7. justcorbly

    The Reds are not going to win in this ballpark by assembling a squad of power hitters. If it’s easy for you to hit a home run, it’s just as easy for the opposition.

    That’s leaves pitching, defense, and base running (otherwise known as speed).

  8. mhopp

    Name one team that has had a run of success with just pitching defense and speed? Speed does you absolutely no good if you can’t get on base…we know who proved that this year. Speed also does you no good when you are not a smart base runner and/or do not have good coaching…we know who proved this as well. Pitching and defense are fantastic but getting on base (OBP) is FAR more important the speed

  9. Kevin

    As we’ve all hopefully witnessed this year in the baserunning of Patterson, good speed and good baserunning are absolutely not the same thing!

    I wonder if this article is a joke on us, because they all know how worried we are about the possibility of resigning Corey Patterson…it’s so obviously hinting at resigning him, I feel like it’s meant to make us all flip out like this…

    If they resign Corey Patterson, I am going to be really really really mad (although I will still be a loyal fan and follow every game)…

  10. mhopp

    I wish I were as commited as you Kevin, I won’t be following every game next year if he is resigned. I’ll check in weekly but paying several hundred $ to watch them lose on and spending money elsewhere on Reds items will have to cease until the foolishness stops. I’ll still be a Reds fan but must do my part to help the future of the franchise…that is protest the poor decisions of management. I understand the importance of people like Hairston, who plays hard and cares and maybe that is why Dusty likes CP but he should be on the bench to help or a pinch runner at the most. I’m in hopes that Reds fans will do the same and boycott blatant poor decisions and arrogance.

  11. justcorbly

    mhopp, from my point of view, speed implies skilled baserunning, which, in turn, implies that someone is on base in the first place. Better six guys who play like Barry Larkin than six guys who play like Adam Dunn.

    The Reds will not gain an advantage by building a team that hits a ton of home runs at the sacrifice of good pitching, good defense, good baserunning, and, yes, speed. History shows there is little correlation between teams that hit the most homers in any season and teams that get in the Series.

  12. Kurt Frost

    Like that brilliant line of non-solicited response is a Pulitzer–if you know what that is.

    It’s some kind of German tank, right? Or it could be a condescending asshole who always thinks he is right and everyone else and their opinion is wrong?

  13. pete

    Sorry guys….I was hittin the bottle too hard at a gig that night. I’m not exactly sure what I posted, but since it was deleted I’m sure it was tasteless and offensive. I do remember my intent was to make people laugh….errrr. Must have been too over the top. Again, I apologize.