Seventeen wins for Edinson Volquez and five wins in a row for the Reds. That’s what is at stake tonight against St. Looie, not to mention the fact that the Reds are going for a series sweep.

The march to a .500 season continues. Discuss it here.

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  1. Chris

    Tune in to see the Reds run up Edwin’s pitch count in pursuit of a meaningless individual goal — ONLY ON FSN OHIO!!!!

  2. mike

    since we are getting close to the end of the season thought I’d get the game thread question going with a question.

    Who has been the Reds MVP this season?

    Right now I’d put them in this order

  3. Y-City Jim

    Jerry Hairston Jr. 2b
    Jeff Keppinger ss
    Joey Votto 1b
    Jay Bruce rf
    Jolbert Cabrera lf
    Corey Patterson cf
    Adam Rosales 3b
    Paul Bako c
    Edinson Volquez p

  4. Y-City Jim

    Felipe Lopez batting clean-up for St. Louis. Interesting.

  5. mike

    does it seem like Volquez shakes off Bako a LOT? Sure does to me.
    Bako should have never even made this team.

    Do the Reds catchers call the game or is it called from the dugout?

  6. Phill

    That’d be interesting to know mike.

    Glad to see Rosales show Corey how it’s done.

  7. Kevin

    I’m just glad to see Rosales getting a start! He deserves to fill the 3B hole way more that A. Phillips!!

    As far as MVP goes, I vote Votto as well, why do you have him below Cordero and Phillips?!

  8. mike

    Votto has produced the 2nd most overall on the Reds (he recently passed Dunn and Phillips)

    73.6 EE
    72.0 Votto
    71.7 Phillips and Dunn
    52.7 Jr
    49.1 Bruce

    but if we adjust for position things change a good bit. Votto’s season is very good but he plays 1B.

    RARP (adjusted for position)
    25.9 Dunn
    20.5 EE
    15.7 Hairston
    14.7 Phillips
    13.0 Votto

    then we have to figure out how to add in defense

    Phillips and Votto are probably the only 2 players on the Reds who’s defense adds to their totals. The rest it’s probably a negative.

    one overall stat is WARP3 (includes defense). Looking at this I realize just how hard it is to figure out who has been the most valuable Red. It’s clear that if Dunn remained a Red it would have been him. Volquez is having a GREAT season….among the top 10-15 starters in the NL this year. I did my original list off the top of my head. Now looking at these numbers it’s really hard to tell.

    5.6 ADAM DUNN

    OK hard to imagine it’s someone other than those top 6

  9. Chris

    Welsh and Thom finally realizing that EE is the new Adam Dunn (i.e. whipping boy for idiot fans who will never get over Pete Rose).

  10. BenL

    It’s good to hear Welsh defend Dunn and Encarnacion against accusations of being “lazy” and “not caring”

  11. mike

    Not that Fielding Runs is the best defensive stat but it’s better than looking at fielding % and I just noticed this. Here are the only Reds with non-negative FRAA

    other than a couple pitchers EVERY OTHER REDS POSITION PLAY IS/WAS A BELOW AVERAGE DEFENDER. The worst being EE, Jr, Keppinger (understood he’s been asked to play out of position), and Hairston (same as Keppinger), Bruce (!?!?) and Bako ([email protected]#$%#%$^#%^)

  12. Chris

    Keppinger’s arm makes Johnny Damon look like Dave Winfield.

  13. mike

    I walked in right at the end and my TVs sound was off. What was that clip they just showed of Pujols talking with a Reds coach and what looked like Votto about fielding?? If so that’s really cool. Which Reds was Pujols talking to?

  14. BenL

    mike – Yes, Pujols was giving Votto fielding advise. And yes, it’s very cool.

  15. Chris

    You’ve got to be kidding me. Welsh is praising that defensive play – a force play and failed DP. Hairston takes forever to get rid of the ball, then nearly throws it past Keppinger . . . who jumps up in the air and floats one to first not nearly in time to get the speedy Aaron Miles.

  16. Kevin

    Volquez finishes the 6th with 100 pitches thrown. Who thinks he’ll be sent out in the 7th?!

  17. mhopp

    Wow, I just tuned in to see one of the Mendoza brothers bounce into an inning ending double play!! Good to see that Baker is still stubborn ’til the end! 😡

  18. mhopp

    Albert Pujols is just an all around great person.

  19. Chris

    The other brother just did his part. Runner on 2nd and 0 out. Bako decides to bunt with an 0-2 count. Pops up to the pitcher. “Mystifying,” as Thom says.

  20. mhopp

    The real “Mystifying” thing is why is your $3mil manager with a “winning history” continues to put players in the line up that have “losing history” and continue to screw up. I just can’t fathom that Bob C. and Walt J. do not see this?

  21. mhopp

    Can they squander another? Cabrera is our last hope with Crappy Bakerson coming up afterward.

  22. mhopp

    Most improved defensive player this year is easily Joey Votto…looks like he’s got a good head on his shoulder and works hard…takes advise from the right people like Albert P.

  23. mhopp

    Crappy walked? That is a good sign! You know how fasssst he is!

  24. Y-City Jim

    Stop the presses!! Patterson walks.

  25. Y-City Jim

    Dickerson coming back to earth. Still light years better than Patterson.

  26. Y-City Jim

    Nice to see the Cards choke for a change.

  27. mhopp

    If they were stupid enough to hire Dusty Baker they would choke more often

  28. mhopp

    and with Votto on deck…sheesh the .500 season is lost

  29. Y-City Jim

    The dream dies tonight. No .500 season this year.

  30. Y-City Jim

    To dream … the impossible dream …
    To fight … the unbeatable foe …
    To bear … with unbearable sorrow …
    To run … where the brave dare not go …
    To right … the unrightable wrong …
    To love … pure and chaste from afar …
    To try … when your arms are too weary …
    To reach … the unreachable star …

  31. mhopp

    The impossible dream? that Dusty will eventually humble himself and admit that he needed to take Crappy P. out long before the season ended and agrees that he will not be back next year!

  32. mike

    I realize Crappy P should be gone and really he should have never made the roster out of spring or signed in the first place. But I’ve started to think that Bako is worse.

  33. mike

    2-2 game bottom of the 8th, 2 out, full count, C Jackson on 2B, Dunn hits a single to center to put Arizona up 3-2.

    The look Lincecum gave Dunn when he got the 3rd out was nasty.

    Dunn is better than ANY Red player

    some odd official scoring in the AZ/SF game. The SF LF clearly misplayed a ball that should have been an EASY out and they scored it a triple??!?! And then a ball took one of the nastiest hops I’ve seen, bouncing up and hitting Randy Johnson in the face and they gave Johnson an error?!?!?

    watching a game like this with two pitchers like this reminds me of what major league baseball is. Watching the Reds is like watching a AA team.

  34. pinson343

    Mike, Right Dunn has gotten a LOT of big hits for the DBacks.
    Bako is definitely worse than CP.

  35. John of Muncie

    [Insert some random nonsense about how Bako “calls a good game” or something, and about how “catchers aren’t paid to hit.”]

    I don’t believe any of it, but I figure, someone usually says that crap.

    Sorry. There are catchers who can hit AND catch. You just wouldn’t know it because the Reds haven’t had one since Bench.

    Let us all remember that Bako and Patterson were non-roster invitees to spring training and never should’ve made the team, but did, and hogged a TON of playing time. Play 5th place players, end up in 5th place.

  36. Kevin

    What’s with all our pitchers getting stuck at 16 wins in recent years?

  37. Kevin

    Now that the Reds have been statistically eliminated from being happy at the end of the season, what do we have to hope for?

    -A few more wins and we can at least improve on our record for next season…
    -A few more 0-fers for Patterson and Bako and we can be lest worried about Jocketty re-signing them
    Any other ideas? There’s always the suspense of tuning in to see how much Volquez and Cueto are getting over pitched…

  38. mike

    -A few more 0-fers for Patterson and Bako and we can be lest worried about Jocketty re-signing them

    nope. Nothing either of these two could do, even hit like Pujols or Manny for the rest of the season should change what the Reds plans are. These two should have NEVER been on the team in the first place and they shouldn’t be considered for next year either. Why they are playing now only Dusty knows.

    What I’m hoping for is a few more AB for Hairston and Dickerson so they come back down to earth so the Reds don’t think they are starters next season.

  39. Kurt Frost

    What I’m hoping for is a few more AB for Hairston and Dickerson so they come back down to earth so the Reds don’t think they are starters next season.

    Lord knows we don’t need anyone that knows how to take a pitch on the team.