Walt Jocketty’s old crew comes to town tonight as the Reds continue on their pace to finish with a .500 record. All it will take is a win in every remaining game. It’s possible!

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  1. mhopp

    Well, the season of .500 is at great risk with this line up and already behind 1-0…thanks again Dusty, for not making room for Castillo whos batting .471 but having room for Bako and Patterson who bat around .200!!

  2. Kevin

    What is Felipe Lopez doing playing in left field for STL?

  3. Y-City Jim

    What is Felipe Lopez doing playing in left field for STL?

    Batting .356 with a .405 OBP since joining the Cardinals. The magic of Hal McRae may rival that of Dave Duncan.

  4. mhopp

    I walked away when they walked JV thinking EE would not come through. I will do this more often with the Mendoza twins and maybe just maybe it will help. 😛

  5. Kevin

    Did you walk away when they got those two consecutive hits just now?

  6. Y-City Jim

    With the exception of the HR on Sunday, when is the last time Patterson got a hit our of the infield?

  7. Y-City Jim

    Back=to-back hits by Patterson and Bako. Play the lottery, boys.

  8. mhopp

    Actually I walked away when I saw Patterson to do dishes and walked in with Castillo batting to see him get the run in! Seems to be working as both of the Mendoza fools got hits…I can’t believe it! 😯

  9. mhopp

    That stupid “weeooo, wooooh” crap music in the background forces me to hit the mute button. That may be the 2nd thing I would do after firing Baker if I were Walt Jocketty for a day!

  10. mhopp

    Why is Looper still in? His spot must be up next inning.

  11. Y-City Jim

    Nope, Looper is batting in the 8 spot tonight and made the last out last inning.

  12. Y-City Jim

    Hold on to your hats everyone. The WeatherMan has entered the game.

  13. mhopp

    They’re bragging on David Weathers…a storm is coming!

  14. mhopp

    You have to bring Hairston back next year. I must compliment Dusty for bringing him to the team!

  15. Kevin

    I’m not as down on Weathers as a lot of people, but why wouldn’t they put Burton in to set up in the 8th inning?

  16. mhopp

    Burton has not been too sharp lately so I would have given Stormy the start too. I like David Weathers and think he is well worth the money with experience and knowing how to pitch without having a great arm. Knows how to set up a batter.

  17. mhopp

    Okay here he comes (Crappy P) …I’ll be right back!!

  18. mhopp

    OMG!! It worked!!! But the bad thing is that now he’ll surely play in every game this year and surely will be signed for next year!

  19. Dunner was cool

    guys guess what?!
    we could make the playoffs
    if teams refuse the spots or a bunch of teams crash in airplanes…
    thats about it…
    i know!
    trade out entire roster to the red sox for their’s and then our guys would taste the playoffs then lose it all!!!!

  20. Mark T

    17-12 sans Griffey-Dunn. Playing small ball too. Add a right handed bat to the mix, you’ve got a nice drink.

  21. Phill

    Wow got the power and the cable back today. Nice strong outing from Arroyo. Certainly showing he can be really good and earn the money he’s getting paid.

  22. Mr. Redlegs

    What the hell is the “veteran” minimum?

    And Freel = Hairston on the 25-man roster.

  23. GregD

    Krivsky’s best non-move of the offseason:

    SEATTLE — Seattle Mariners pitcher Erik Bedard, out since July with a tight left shoulder, has decided to undergo surgery Friday.

    The Mariners issued a statement Tuesday saying exploratory arthroscopic surgery will be performed by Dr. Lewis Yocum, who is expected to remove any unhealthy tissue of foreign material from the labrum in the shoulder.

  24. Kevin

    Imagine how much we would’ve given up for him! And we got the great SP we needed for one player. Now, if we only we could find a way to have Hamilton and Volquez…

  25. Kurt Frost

    What the hell is the “veteran” minimum?

    I think I had football on the brain. 😎

  26. GregD

    6 of their 7 runs came with the bases loaded.
    5 of the RBIs off 2 doubles.
    How is that small ball?

  27. Y-City Jim

    17-12 sans Griffey-Dunn. Playing small ball too. Add a right handed bat to the mix, you’ve got a nice drink.

    I thought it was 16-14.

    So you think the Reds could stand pat and go 86-76 next season?

  28. Y-City Jim

    How is that small ball?

    Small ball would have killed the 3-run 6th and the 3-run 8th.