In the comments to our open thread below, a couple people have mentioned that the Reds should shut down Edinson Volquez and Johnny Cueto for the year, or at least put them on a strict pitch count (I vote for the latter).

At least we aren’t Giants fans. Tim Lincecum, the ace righty for San Francisco, threw 138 pitches against the Padres this weekend. 138! For the Giants, who are just as bad as the Reds, and stood nothing to gain by that.

I agree with this take:

That is utterly, completely, and colossally reckless, stupid, arrogant, and just plain lazy. Send in all the nasty emails calling me a geek who’s never played you like. Feel free to point out that Lincecum’s “just different”,”rubber armed”, or a “freak of nature”. It’s still mind-blowingly stupid, risky behavior….

To those of you who will feel compelled to write in and say “Tim didn’t want to come out,” my response is pretty simple…My four year old wants to eat a bunch of ice cream too. It’s kind of my job to make sure he doesn’t. And it’s kind of Bochy’s, Sabean’s, Baer’s, and the entire occupancy of the Giants front office’s job to keep completely moronic things from happening.

Clearly, they’re not up to the task.

Wow. Just, wow.