From Hal McCoy’s mailbag, I submit this without comment:

Q Paul Bako has set career highs in runs (28) and RBIs (34), not a good accomplishment when you are in your 11th major-league year and are 36 years old. Are the Reds keeping him for next year and why did they ever sign him in the first place? — Charles, Dayton

A Although he is in his 11th year, he has seldom been a regular. He is known for his defense and handling of pitchers, although the defense part is suspect this year. Bako is best known for answering an obvious question with, “Do you think I’m stupid? Didn’t you ever hear of the Hindenburg baby?” He knows it was the Lindbergh baby, but he waits for a reaction. Well, you have to be there. I doubt if he’ll be back and only Dusty Baker can answer why he was here.