John Fay endorses Ryan Hanigan, and talks to GM Walt Jocketty about the problem.

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  1. Dunner was cool

    i like him
    but like walt said see whats available first

  2. Kurt Frost

    These are the free agent catchers:

    Brad Ausmus (40)
    Paul Bako (37)
    Rod Barajas (33) – $2.5MM club option for ’09 with a $0.5MM buyout
    Michael Barrett (32)
    Henry Blanco (37) – $3MM mutual option for ’09 with a $0.3MM buyout
    Johnny Estrada (33)
    Toby Hall (33) – $2.25MM club option for ’09 with a $0.15MM buyout
    Jason LaRue (35)
    Paul Lo Duca (37)
    Miguel Olivo (30) – $2.7MM mutual option for ’09 with a $0.1MM buyout
    Mike Redmond (38) – $0.95MM club option for ’09 with a $0.1MM buyout
    Ivan Rodriguez (37)
    David Ross (32)
    Javier Valentin (33)
    Jason Varitek (37)
    Gregg Zaun (38)

  3. Kurt Frost

    I would rather the Reds give Hanigan a shot instead of signing any of those retreads.

  4. John of Muncie

    Watch Dusty and Walt go after Barrett based on 2004-2006.

  5. Kevin

    Watch Dusty and Walt resign Bako based on his game-calling super-powers.

  6. Tom

    I keep hoping they might see if they can match up with either Seattle, Texas, or Cleveland for one of Jeff Clement, Jarrod Saltalamacchia, or Kelly Shoppach. Those teams have Benji Johjima, Gerald Laird, and Victor Martinez blocking them from full time duty. Think maybe one of the young arms and a young catcher would get it done. Maybe something like Bailey and Mesaraco.

  7. Phill

    I have a feeling Seattle wouldn’t want to trade Clement. Kenji Johjima has been pretty awful since they gave him the extension.

  8. Kevin

    I’m in agreement that they should be looking for a catcher in the trade market. If Clement’s out of the question, then I hope it’s Shoppach because I really don’t want to have to type or say that other guy’s name all season next year.

  9. Dan

    That list of free agent catchers illustrates a point I like to harp on — notice that EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM is over 30.

    When you sign a free agent, you are likely overpaying for the decline portion of a guy’s career.

    Free agency signings, I think, are for teams that are ready to compete NOW and have only a hole or two to fill.

    For a team like the Reds who aren’t going to be any good for a while, we want young guys — they’re underpaid, and they’re still improving.

  10. NickP

    Clement is hurt. He’s probably done as a catcher.

  11. Tom

    I was able to find that Clement had knee surgery on Sept. 9th and is expected to be fully ready for spring training next Feb., no mention of him not being able to catch any longer. Please share if you have further info. I also see that they have another catcher, Adam Moore, at AA who put up a .902 OPS who they are also very high on. Looks interesting.