In case you hadn’t heard, it’s now official: Micah Owings has joined the Reds as the final sore-armed PTBNL from the Adam Dunn trade.

8 Responses

  1. preach

    Owings has a .313 (35-for-112) career batting average in 69 games and often pinch-hit for Arizona when he wasn’t pitching. Baker hoped he would be able to do likewise this season.

    If he can’t pitch yet, can he play center?

  2. Dunner was cool

    let him pitch
    he is going to be pretty good
    i think he should be part of a good rotation next year

    Thompson (or any good signed pitcher)

  3. Kevin

    What about Arroyo? I know he can get on our nerves sometimes but he has the second best record in our rotation, second best ERA, and leads the team in starts made and innings pitched. Obviously, it’s a shame that his numbers equal out to our second best, but at the same time, I do think he is a useful starter and I like having him around, not to mention he actually likes our city and wants to stick around.

    I’m only glad to have Owings because I think it’s very certain that the majority of our options at the back end of the rotation aren’t going to pan out, (Bailey, Thompson, Belisle, etc.) so the more cheap options we can add to the mix for spring training, the better.

  4. Matt Steele

    Arroyo should be a starter over Owings. I voiced my unfavorable opinion of him when the trade first was made so I won’t repeat it here, but I think the Reds got too caught up in a novelty (ie. a Pitcher that can hit)

    I’m not sure what’s going to happen with our 5th starter spot. But Owings, Bailey, Thompson and Ramirez (?) will all have a shot in spring training

  5. John of Muncie

    I’d sell high on Arroyo this offseason. He’s finally got a record and an ERA that justify his paycheck, so someone will bite and maybe they can get a quality hitter in return. Also, anything to stop the JTM commercials. I do not want Arroyo and the Reds to be together again. *rimshot*

  6. Pete

    Arroyo has actually been pretty decent this year. Take out the 10 ER, 1 inning performance, and the 7 he gave up in a 1.1 inning start, and his ERA is well under 4. Granted, those starts actually do count, but nonetheless…

  7. per14

    I like Arroyo as well. But if they can get a good bat for him, trade him. I actually like the JTM commercials.