Seven players will be joining the Reds for the rest of the season:

–SS Paul Janish
–IF Danny Richar
–IF Adam Rosales
–SP Adam Pettyjohn
–RP Josh Roenicke
–RP Danny Herrera
–RP Jon Adkins

Two things. First, I’m disappointed that Redleg Nation Minor League Hitter of the Month Kevin Barker wasn’t among the callups. I know he doesn’t have a future with this organization, but he hit so well last month, I wanted to see him get one more taste of the big leagues before his career is over.

Next, I’m very interested to see how Josh Roenicke performs. Here at Redleg Nation World Headquarters, we’ve been anxious to see if Roenicke was going to become a good major league reliever. His development would certainly help the Reds.

14 Responses

  1. Sultan of Swaff

    Richar and Rosales, puhlease. Those two are known quantities. Leave ’em on the bench. I’d give Pettyjohn a few long relief appearances but no more. Janish I could see platooning w/ Kepp. However you slice it though, playing these kids takes away a handful of wins down the stretch, making a below average team look horrendous in the final win totals, which adds to the offseason angst.

  2. Kurt Frost

    This team is short on outfielders and how many do they call up….zero!

  3. Bill

    Yeah, but you’ve got to give Corey that PT..he’s heating up!!!

  4. GregD

    I imagine Barker is not on the 40-man roster?

  5. Phill

    If Keppinger keeps up his non-hitting I’d be more tempted to start Janish just because his defense is better.

    The team isn’t short on outfielders they have….uh Corey Patterson! and a probably still hurt Jerry Hairston.

  6. Phill

    Correct me if I’m wrong but Roenicke, Adkins and Pettyjohn aren’t on the 40 man. They’re going to have to open up some spots to bring them up right?

    Also can’t wait to see what Roenicke can do. If he can be as good as we all hope a combo of him, Burton and Cordero could just be filthy.

  7. mike

    This team is short on outfielders and how many do they call up….zero!

    can’t take AB away from PATTERSON!

    PATTERSON PATTERSON PATTERSON. Yesterdays #$%#%^$# leadoff hitter.

  8. mike

    NONE of those players are prospects.

    Roenicke could be useful as middle relief but that’s about it

    as long as Votto, Bruce, and EE play every day that’s all that matters. The rest don’t matter. Well maybe Dickerson should play every day so Reds media will realize he’s not an every day player

  9. GregD

    What makes you think Roenicke is not a prospect? Last couple of years he strikes out more than a batter an inning, doesn’t give up many hits and very few homeruns. Has been used a closer in A+ & AA but doesn’t look like he picked up many saves in AAA. I could see him sliding into the 7th/8th inning setup role in support of Cordero for the next 3 years and a potential closer-in-waiting if something were to happen to Cordero.

    That’s a good point that about 3 of these guys weren’t on the 40-man roster. Were they at a full 40 to begin with? Someone like Freel could get moved to the 60-day DL

  10. Phill

    Just saw on John Fay, Coffey is DFA,Fogg to 60-day DL, and Belizzle to 60-day DL.

  11. Phill

    It’s so strange with Todd Coffey. I mean literally 2 years ago the big talk was Todd Coffey possible future closer. That dude fell off the Earth pretty dang fast.

  12. Shane

    Coffey has the tools but doesnt have the heart or the killer instinct that he needs soooo much. Like Burton has. he gets in a jam and you can see him saying aww gee, now what have I done? Burton says oh you think so? I think NOT!

  13. Chris

    Roenicke is definitely a prospect. He’s a relief pitching prospect, which isn’t the same as Jay Bruce, but he’s a legitimate talent.

    He’s older than normal (just turned 26), but was only drafted in 2006. He played football at UCLA, and then outfield — so he’s only got a couple years on his arm. He’s also the son and nephew of major leaguers, which makes it plausible to consider him talented.

    He’s a year younger than Jared Burton, who we all consider a prospect.

  14. Shawn

    What Coffey doesn’t have is a good breaking ball. “Heart” and “killer instinct” have little to do with it. Maybe a good pitching coach can help him get one. Then he’ll have “heart” and “killer instinct.”