Redleg Nation would like to congratulate our Player of the Month for August, Joey Votto.

In a repeat of Votto’s late-season heroics in 2007, Votto had a superb August, hitting .382 with a .440 OBP and a slugging percentage of .513. He had four doubles, two homers, 18 RBI, and 9 runs scored. All in all, an excellent month capping off a good rookie year for a player who we hope to see in the middle of the Reds lineup for a long, long time.

Congratulations, Joey Votto!

April Player of the Month: Edinson Volquez
May Player of the Month: Adam Dunn
June Player of the Month: Edwin Encarnacion
July Player of the Month: Adam Dunn

4 Responses

  1. GregD

    Compare these players rookie seasons:
    A – .292avg, 362obp, 475slg, 25 2B, 18HR, 57R, 70RBI in 455 AB’s
    B – .264avg, 329obp, 420slg, 23 2B, 16HR, 61R, 61RBI in 455 AB’s
    C – .259avg, 318obp, 442slg, 14 2B, 16HR, 54R, 46RBI in 351 AB’s

  2. Phill

    I know it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone but I saw on MLB’s site they had the voting for Rookie of the Month for August and well Joey Votto was mysteriously not on the list…but of course there were two Cubbies. 🙄

    So happy to see Votto playing so well. He’s been one of the few bright spots in an otherwise dark and awful season.

  3. Kevin

    Votto’s August numbers are insanely better than anyone on that list for Rookie of the Month. If it’s any consolation Joey, we all think you’re great.

  4. GregD

    A – Votto
    B – Griffey
    C – Bruce

    Obviously there’s the important difference that Griffey put up his numbers at age 19.