Crosley Field Terrace has noticed that Reds broadcaster Chris Welsh seems to be much more critical lately, and even Dusty Baker hasn’t escaped that. I haven’t noticed because, well, because I haven’t been watching or listening.

On a related note, I’m always happy to see that the Reds beat the Cubbies. On the other hand, here is the reason why I’m not watching:

Jolbert Cabrera belted a single to left field with one out in the ninth to drive in pinch runner Wilkin Castillo and the Reds walked off with a 4-3 win unday afternoon at Great American ball Park.

Forgive me if I can’t get excited to watch the Jolbert Cabreras and Wilkin Castillos of the world. This weekend, I had the option of watching college football, the NFL’s opening weekend, the US Open tennis semis and finals, golf’s FedEx Cup playoffs…and Reds baseball.

I didn’t choose Dusty’s band of misfits. Sorry about that.

10 Responses

  1. Phill

    I think Welsh’s main gripe really is just Corey Patterson getting way too much playing time when he doesn’t deserve it. Also the fact that Dickerson has been made a left fielder for no actual reasoning. I liked the quote from George…classic Grande. I’m happy Chris Welsh is being vocal on air what we’re all vocal about as well. I think he just finally hit his breaking point.

  2. Shane

    I don’t know, he’s been pretty vocal about the baserunning screwups and lack of fundmentals too, which he, or somebody, should be

  3. John of Muncie

    Look, Baker’s favoritism of Patterson is obvious, and how it’s hurt this team is even more obvious. Now he’s got Dickerson playing out of position so Patterson can get even more playing time? Is there a statistically significant difference between Dickerson’s defense in CF vs. Patterson’s?

  4. per14

    Not really related to the post, but I’ve noticed something different this year: When it became obvious the Reds weren’t going anywhere this year, I stopped paying even the least attention to the actual games. I look at box scores, sometimes read the little article about the game, and keep up with the blogs, but I never watch or listen to it. In past dreadful years, I still watched/listened to the end. In fact, it was oddly sometimes more enjoyable to listen to the games when they were meaningless. But this year? I can’t even stomach listening to the games. Anyone else experienced something similar?

  5. John of Muncie

    per14: You’re not alone. I think it was easier to listen to the meaningless games when it was Marty & Joe. The Thom/Brantley/random new guy revolving door of craptacular announcing really doesn’t interest me, and listening to Grande/Welsh on TV is no better. Also, once you see your team doesn’t give a crap, there’s no reason for you to give a crap either.

  6. Shane

    “once you see your team doesn’t give a crap”

    I don’t know where you guys are getting this, I’m seeing more fight and life from these guys since Grif and Dunn left that I did before they left. I’m enjoying watching them play even if they aren’t winning because they seem to want to win… before they just seemed to be going through the motions waiting for Griffey or Dunn to win it for them…. maybe its just me

  7. John of Muncie

    Where I Get It:

    1) Krivsky fired in April. Despite a horrible May, Jocketty does nothing but minor roster tinkering until late July, when he jettisons Griffey and Dunn. They mailed this season in from the get-go.

    2) Corey Patterson is on the roster.

    I see what you mean with the players seemingly pulling together rather than putting all their hopes on two sluggers. This team doesn’t need a slugger. In this park, the homers will come. They need high-average, high-OBP guys, speed, and pitching that can keep the games close.

    Why Jocketty didn’t make moves to salvage part of this season is really confusing though.

  8. Shane

    ok… thats the diff… I was viewing the “team” as the guys that go onto the field, not the guys in the office, the manager and such.

  9. GregD

    before they just seemed to be going through the motions waiting for Griffey or Dunn to win it for them…. maybe its just me

    IMHO, it’s just you. And if they did do that (wait for Dunn&Griffey to win it), then it says more about the other players then it does about Dunn and Griffey.

  10. Shane

    hahha what is it with you guys feeling the need to defend Griffey and Dunn?? I wasn’t talking about Griffey and Dunn or I wouldn’t have said the team was waiting for them. Its hard to wait for yourself. sheesh I can understand Chris’ 4 year old acting like that but you guys are supposed to be grown men.