Crosley Field Terrace has noticed that Reds broadcaster Chris Welsh seems to be much more critical lately, and even Dusty Baker hasn’t escaped that. I haven’t noticed because, well, because I haven’t been watching or listening.

On a related note, I’m always happy to see that the Reds beat the Cubbies. On the other hand, here is the reason why I’m not watching:

Jolbert Cabrera belted a single to left field with one out in the ninth to drive in pinch runner Wilkin Castillo and the Reds walked off with a 4-3 win unday afternoon at Great American ball Park.

Forgive me if I can’t get excited to watch the Jolbert Cabreras and Wilkin Castillos of the world. This weekend, I had the option of watching college football, the NFL’s opening weekend, the US Open tennis semis and finals, golf’s FedEx Cup playoffs…and Reds baseball.

I didn’t choose Dusty’s band of misfits. Sorry about that.