Sorry for the late game thread. Got home after a VERY long day of work and came out to the high school football game soon thereafter. Here’s a blackberry-posted game thread. Enjoy!

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  1. DevilsAdvocate

    Lilly in trouble again in the 2nd. I’d lost track of Keppinger – he’s been going terribly, must be, down to a batting average of .262…until right there. RBI double off the wall!

  2. Kevin

    8 of Votto’s 18 home runs have been off of the Cubs. Wowowow. I like to think that he’s sending a little message to Soto.

  3. DevilsAdvocate

    Intentionally walk Phillips? To get to Votto? What is Piniella thinking?

  4. DevilsAdvocate

    Ha, Lilly knows what’s up – walk Votto on 4 pitches to force in a run. Hee hee hee

  5. Kevin

    Some people seem to think that Brandon Phillips is our best player (see that terrible article last week).

  6. mhopp

    Good think they walked Brandon Phillips because he surely would have swung and missed at several balls, flying out. He’s the epitome of an impatient hitter.

  7. mhopp

    Does anyone think Votto has a chance at being the Rookie of the Year? I really think he does, especially considering how good he hit last September.

  8. Kevin

    I don’t think he does. I wish, but like the said on the other thread, his numbers still aren’t quite as good as Soto’s, overall, and Soto’s production as a catcher also makes it more impressive. The other thing is that he plays for the Cubs.

  9. DevilsAdvocate

    Given that Soto plays the toughest position on the defensive spectrum and plays for a first-place team, while Votto plays at the easiest position on the defensive spectrum while playing for a near-last-place team, I’m sure it would take an epic collapse by both Soto and the Cubs combined with a legendary stretch run by Votto in order for the Rookie voting to finish in any order other than Soto 1st, Votto 2nd.

  10. Kevin

    Jay Bruce hits a grand slam. 9-0 Reds.

    I’ve been feeling pretty cold and lifeless as a Reds fan lately. I have to say, it feels reeeeaaaaally good to be beating up on the Enemy like this.

  11. Kevin

    The results of this game so far may or may not be connected to the fact that everyone’s 2 favorite Mendoza-liners aren’t playing.

  12. mhopp

    I wonder if Crusty Baker will make the connection? 💡 💡 💡 💡 💡 💡
    Yeah, right!

  13. Y-City Jim

    Bruce now has as many errors as Adam Dunn.

    No way Arroyo gets a complete game tonight with the number of pitches he has thrown so far.

    What about that outing by Bailey last night. Good timing for his first win.

  14. Y-City Jim

    How on earth do you throw 107 pitches in six innings when only giving up three hits and one walk?

  15. DevilsAdvocate

    Good timing for [Bailey’s] first win.

    . . . . since April.

  16. Y-City Jim

    If Votto can finish the year with a .300 plus BA, he has a shot at Rookie of the Year.

  17. Kevin

    Joey Votto’s batting average is up to .298, according to gameday!

  18. Y-City Jim

    .298 is correct. Maybe he can finish the night at .299.

    Sweet pulling Bailey early way be huge for the Bats because with the rainout tonight he could come back for a game five.

    Why is Arroyo still pitching after throwing as many pitches as he has tonight? Is anyone actually up in the bullpen?

  19. mhopp

    That’s what I’m saying Jim, If he stays at or above .300 and hits 20 HR’s or more with 80+ RBI’s I’d say he’s got a decent shot…assuming Soto does not do the same. Votto will have to out hit him in order to win…that’s for sure.

  20. Kevin

    I think that having dudes like the Magic-man in our bullpen is just another ingenious cog in the Reds-ratings machine, because putting him in games keeps us on the edge of our seats, afraid to change the channel, even when there’s a 9 run lead.

  21. mhopp

    Right on Kevin…it’s a Castalinni scam!

  22. Y-City Jim

    George Grande saying that no one knew that Ron Santo had diabetes when he played. That just isn’t true because I can remember it being said during Reds – Cubs games I saw.

  23. Y-City Jim

    I’m betting Majewski is in a Nationals uniform next year.

  24. DevilsAdvocate

    Well, Majewski will be an ex-Red . . . it’s practically a given that Bowden will re-acquire him. 😛

  25. Y-City Jim

    Love that walks data on the Cubs. They were among the poorest teams at drawing walks when Dusty was there. The Reds are 12th this year but if you take away Dunn’s 80 BB they would drop to 25th.

  26. Kurt Frost

    So it looks like the Reds have no where to go but down. Dusty really does hate clogging up the bases.

  27. Y-City Jim

    Never thought about it until George and Chris were talking about Hairston but I bet the Reds continue to sit him so they can sign him on the cheap for next season because his value would be low due to uncertainty in regards to his hamstring health.

  28. Kevin

    As much as I don’t like Baker, I don’t think our lack of drawing walks is his fault. I have felt like a number of our batters have shown terrible terrible plate discipline in the last couple of seasons.

  29. Kevin

    mhopp and Jim, did you guys see the big advertisement for the “7 candidates for rookie of the month for August” on the frontpage? Votto was not included among the 7, although a couple of guys I’ve never heard of were.

    His August numbers:.382, .440, .513

    Sure, he deserves to compete for the honors, but I feel like he even moreso should at least be on the list for Rookie of the Month, with that kind of production!

  30. Y-City Jim

    The Reds went from being 5th in MLB in walks in 2006 to 11th last year. Coincides with Jacoby showing up.

  31. Kevin

    (I addressed that to those two because I started writing it forever ago right after they both said he should definitely compete for the honors if he gets above .300, but it took me 30 minutes to find his August numbers, so of course it’s off-topic now!)

    All of the candidates who are position players have August numbers no where near his. If he’s being excluded now, why won’t he be excluded after the season?

  32. Y-City Jim

    It amounts to small market snubbing by MLB media. If Votto played in NY, he’d be the toast of MLB.

  33. mike

    mhopp and Jim, did you guys see the big advertisement for the “7 candidates for rookie of the month for August” on the frontpage? Votto was not included among the 7, although a couple of guys I’ve never heard of were.

    Only two rookie position players out produced Votto in Aug. Soto and Dickerson.

    3 NL rookie starters had ERA below 4.00
    Kuroda, Cueto and Volstad

    that’s 6 great rookie performances for the month of Aug and 3 were Reds. Where any of them listed?

  34. mhopp

    That’s huge point Kevin…unreal…reminds me of Harang for Cy Young in 2006 and 2007. Sooo sick of the disrespect!

  35. Y-City Jim

    .300 will have to wait until tomorrow for Votto.

  36. Kevin

    Why doesn’t Joey have a nickname? Also, here‘s a good picture of him.

  37. Y-City Jim

    How could somebody end up in East Liverpool, Ohio on their way to Cincinnati? East Liverpool is so far off the beaten path it seems impossible.

  38. Y-City Jim

    Ah! How refreshing it would be to be a Reds fan at the ballpark tonight and taunt the Cubs fans there.

  39. DevilsAdvocate

    Is that pic really Votto? Why does the Canadian have “USA” on his t-shirt?

  40. Y-City Jim

    Votto nickname, huh?

    How about Cub Killer?


  41. Kevin

    It’s really Votto. The shirt says USA I guess because USA is part of “Perfect Game’s” logo which is some weird company that has showcase events for high school players that college scouts attend.

  42. mhopp

    Arroyo is 14-10…wouldn’t it be crazy if he and Volquez became 20 gamers but the Reds finished 10- 15 games under .500?

  43. Kevin

    I doubt he’ll make it to 20, but it really is remarkably that he’s secretly putting together another somewhat respectable year after those terrible outings he had. His ERA could conceivably sneak its way down to 4.50, and a couple more wins will make for a pretty good number.

  44. Y-City Jim

    If they both ended up with even 18 wins apiece it would be crazy. Add Ceuto with 10 wins and it is even crazier.

    Arroyo is Sesenta y uno in his post game interview. Classic humor!

  45. mhopp

    Okay I just looked up to find that the Reds are: 37-55 vs Righties and 27-23 against Lefties…gee I wonder if this is because THAT IDIOT manager puts the Dynamic Duo Dip-$hit$ in aganist the Righties?!?!?!?!

  46. Y-City Jim

    Erardi did a nice job running Fay’s blog site tonight. Posted six articles on the site.