From The Best Sportswriter in America:

When I talked with Pete Rose (Did I mention I’m writing a book about the 1975 Reds … come on, you knew I couldn’t make it through a sprawling blog post like this without mentioning it), I asked him if he thought Jeter had any chance to catch him on the hit list.

I wish I’d had a camera at that moment because the look of pure disgust on Pete’s face was beyond priceless, it was worth more words than every blog post I’ve ever written. He said, “Come on.”

I said, “Well, he has about as many hits as you had at his age.” And if anything Pete’s look became MORE disgusted, and he smirked and he said what might be my favorite quote of the year, and one that (sadly) I probably won’t be able to get into the book so I give it to you now:

He said: “You tell Derek that the first 3,000 are easy.”

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  1. nycredsfan

    That’s easily the best sports quote I’ve heard all year……priceless

  2. Dave H.

    Seems like I heard that line before, though. Speaking of Pete, I have just begun reading Michael Sokolove’s book Hustle: The Myth, Life, and Lies of Pete Rose. Originally written in 1990, in the new introduction written in 2005, Sokolove says he thinks Pete should be allowed in the Hall of Fame, but never, ever, get the opportunity to manage or do anything with a team. I haven’t gotten to the part about gambling, banishment, etc., but I have been intrigued to read about Pete’s relationship with Frank Robinson, Vada Pinson, and his white teammates when he first broke in. Anybody else read this book? What did you think? Any suggestions about other books on Pete, or anything about the Reds? I went to the games Wednesday night and Thursday, and reading about better days is certainly more entertaining than watching this bunch. Although it was fun to see Votto and Bruce hit homers!

  3. Andy

    This is a great quote. It’s time for Pete to come back to baseball. We need him.

  4. Chris

    I read Sokolove’s book in about ’92 – and it was great. A bit of a hachet job, but Pete pretty much deserved one. It was sad, in that Pete has essentially thrown away every friend he ever had — and he had some good ones.

  5. PeteyHendrix

    The first 3,000 are easy – that’s what Wilt Chamberlain said about the ladies.

  6. Phill


    Joey Votto says F the Cubs.

  7. DevilsAdvocate

    Love beating up on the Cubs – if only it was Dempster in there instead of Lilly. 2-0 after one, nice start against the best team in the league.

  8. DevilsAdvocate

    Wow, Arroyo very nearly had the most perfect of perfect innings in the 1st – 10 pitches, 9 strikes, 3 strikeouts.

  9. mike

    Pete’s not wrong. He had 2966 by age 36

    Only 7 players in the history of baseball have had more than 750 hits from age 37 on. Pete had the most 1290.

    The others; Sam Rice (1131), Honus Wagner (942), Yaz (860), Molitor (827), Fisk (819), Biggio (765)

  10. Mr. Redlegs

    Sokolove was the Reds’ beat writer at the Cincinnati Post a couple of years in the 1980s. Pete abused him like a red-headed stepchild. Every stinking time I was in the Reds’ clubhouse Pete ripped on Sokolove, who is one of those guys who doesn’t really ask a question but gives you a lecture. Tom Boswell is the same way. Difference is Boz may make up quotes and scenarios, but he writes them pretty. Sokolove is a hack.