From The Best Sportswriter in America:

When I talked with Pete Rose (Did I mention I’m writing a book about the 1975 Reds … come on, you knew I couldn’t make it through a sprawling blog post like this without mentioning it), I asked him if he thought Jeter had any chance to catch him on the hit list.

I wish I’d had a camera at that moment because the look of pure disgust on Pete’s face was beyond priceless, it was worth more words than every blog post I’ve ever written. He said, “Come on.”

I said, “Well, he has about as many hits as you had at his age.” And if anything Pete’s look became MORE disgusted, and he smirked and he said what might be my favorite quote of the year, and one that (sadly) I probably won’t be able to get into the book so I give it to you now:

He said: “You tell Derek that the first 3,000 are easy.”