I guess the lame apology offered by Bob Castellini and Walt Jocketty didn’t work.

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  1. mike

    wait, was that letter an apology?

    it sure didn’t feel like it.

    the letter essentially said, they feel that trading Dunn/Jr is better for the team now and in the future but we won’t explain why or how we think this you just have to believe us because we are the dumb guys in charge.

  2. Chris W

    I considered going up this Sunday to get my little one a Jay Bruce poster. But didn’t see it being worth the gas and price of admission. I’d rather sleep late and watch the Bengals!

  3. mike

    OK I re-read that letter a couple more times. I was partially wrong in what I first said.

    They don’t say trading Dunn is better for the short term and actually imply they know they are worse right now.

    But they don’t apologize for anything.

    They even defend Dusty and the “proven veterans”

  4. Kevin

    It’s not technically an apology but the jest of it is “We know what’s going on with the team sucks but please please please please keep watching and coming to games so we don’t make the advertisers mad.” Which to me is sort of an apology in the sense that they got on their knees to beg for our loyalty.

  5. Kevin

    Also, did anyone watch this game? I didn’t, but I was interested in what it looked like so I watched some highlights on Reds.com. It’s insane how empty the stadium was!

  6. Fire Dusty NOW

    As we near September, we will continue to provide valuable playing time to our young players
    So…why are Corey Patterson and Paul Bako getting regular playing time? Jolbert may come back on a minor league contract, but there is no chance Corey is back. 0% chance whatsoever. Why isn’t he playing over Corey? And Hanigan is MUCH MUCH better at everything compared to Bako. Why is he starting like 40% of the games? He needs to be starting 80-90% of them.

  7. Dave H.

    Well, guess I’ve got a pretty good chance at being on TV tonight, then.

  8. justcorbly

    I wouldn’t buy a ticket to watch Harang pitch this year, either.

    But, I stil maintain that owners and management owe fans no — as in zero — explanations for their personnel decisions. The letter was a hamfisted attempt at PR, but the only response due fans comes on the field.

  9. Fire Dusty NOW

    At least we draw more than the Marlins…they had a whopping 600 fans show up in their win vs the Braves today.

  10. Kurt Frost

    Haven’t you heard? Bako plays because he calls a spectacular game and is a defensive whiz.

  11. Kevin

    I heard that’s why he’s been a legit major league catching star and a serious staying power on Dusty Baker’s teams for 11 years now.

  12. mhopp

    That’s not a good way to start off the inning now that Volquez has a lead…leads don’t come too often as a Reds pitcher you know. 😆

  13. Chris

    Is that the same Bako who is paying so much attention that he just threw down to third after the 3rd out?

    Veteran Leadership.

  14. mhopp

    wonder why Bako didn’t throw out the runner going to 2nd?