(A) Bronson Arroyo has been named one of the National League co-Players of the Week. (B) Jared Burton and Ramon Ramirez have been recalled from the minor leagues.

There, now you are informed. No new Adam Dunn news to report, but stay tuned. There could be breaking news at any point.

8 Responses

  1. Phill

    I know a thing or two about awesome and Adam Dunn is just that.

  2. Glenn

    OK, but what’s the news we’re waiting on.

  3. mike

    News: Adam Dunn has become a leader, a fan favorite, and a run producer for a team in the pennant race. None of which the Reds or Reds fans would understand.

    News: He looks good at 1B

    News: Young players are clearly asking him after PA for advice.

    News: The Reds SUCK

    News (to some for some reason): Patterson is awful

  4. GRF

    As much as I look for any excuse to praise Dunn, bash Patterson, any thoughts on the call ups? Do either feature in the plans for next year?

  5. GRF

    Holy crud Kevin, I did not even recognize the name in the post. I just assumed it was some kid coming up for the first time (you think I might have noticed “recalled”).

    Just goes to show how long ago June/July feels like when it comes to this team, at least to me.