The Reds announcers and some fans have already fallen in love with Chris Dickerson’s hot start (.324/.410/.662 in 78 Plate Appearances before tonight).  I like the player quite a bit, and think he should be considered for the 4th OF spot next year, or even a starting CF job if we get a legit bat in left.

But let’s remember that Dickerson is making his big league debut at 26, and his career numbers (.260/.360/.415) are nothing like what he’s doing right now.  Even his career year at L’Ville this year was 150 points less of OPS.

For perspective, let’s remember this LH-hitting OF’s Reds debut (age 25):  .318 .400 .602 (13 HR in 231 PA).

The immortal Jon Nunnally, who went on to hit another 9 career HR.