It’s yet another off-day, and I hope everyone is enjoying Labor Day. I’ve just been reminiscing about the first time I attended a Reds game. It was May 28, 1983, and I was nine years old.

Biggest memory: Wayne Freaking Krenchicki.

May 28, 1983, Reds vs. Pirates at Riverfront Stadium in Cincinnati. The game was memorable for a few reasons. Gary Redus stole third base and home in the game, and I thought that was the coolest thing I’d ever seen. There was a rain delay that seemed to last forever, but I thought it was cool because we sat up in the concourse eating peanuts the whole time, and because we got to stay at the ballpark for a little longer.

Mostly, though, it was memorable because it was Johnny Bench’s last season, and I was so excited to see him play. By that time, Bench was playing 3B for the Reds, but guess who played at 3B that day?

Wayne Krenchicki.

I never forgave Krenchicki for starting over Bench that day. He’s my least favorite player of all time (Non-Danny-Graves Division).

We were with a group that traveled four hours to watch the game on a Saturday, and the group wanted to go to Kings Island the next day instead of the Reds game. Nine year old Chad threw a fit about that one, but we didn’t go to the next game (turns out Bench didn’t play that day, either) and I never saw Bench play live.

Regrets, I’ve had a few.

So, let’s talk about your earliest Reds experiences — or anything else you want to discuss today.