Dusty loves Patterson so much that he had to think all night long to come up with an excuse with which to defend Corey. But he came up with one!

When Dusty Baker was asked about Patterson’s lack of hustle afterward, he said he wasn’t even looking at Corey. He was looking at Hanigan.

He conceded that Patterson shouldn’t have dawdled.

“You’ve got to be alert on the bases. That’s No. 1. That’s what I preach and teach,” Baker said. “(Patterson) should have known.”

Baker addressed the situation again Sunday.

“Last night you were asking me about Corey, (why) he stopped. I thought about that afterwards. That wasn’t a bad play because if it was a more accomplished first baseman, he would have tagged first and then thrown home to try to get that run. I didn’t talk to (Patterson) about it, but that’s why he stopped,” Baker said.

It was a good thing the Giants didn’t tie up the game in the top of the ninth, or the mistake would have been major.

Sheesh. This is getting ridiculous. Think Dusty is feeling pressure to defend his boy’s historically poor performance?