Reds 2008 first round pick Yonder Alonso will be on the Baseball Digest Daily podcast, today at noon (and archived afterward).  Listen for Yonder at around 12:05 – he’s the first guest.  The others are Kevin Goldstein (BP prospect guru) and Jayson Stark ( writer and master of minutia).

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  1. CeeKeR

    This isn’t the correct place to post it, but I stumbled across an article on the Dayton Daily News that I found inspiration for my own blog retort on what the Reds need to “fix” for 2009.

  2. Y-City Jim

    Catcher: Championships are built up the middle, starting here. There’s nobody special, so expect a new face.

    Big Red Machine mentality but the Reds do need a solid catcher who is not an offensive black hole.

    First base: Joey Votto. He has slugger potential, but he’s no defensive whiz. He could play left field, where he would be slow. I can see postage on his forehead.

    Since when is Votto a slow runner. Few outfields are the Cardinals of the Whitey Herog era.

    Second base: Brandon Phillips. The team’s best player, but he could be dealt for help elsewhere.

    If BP is our best, we are in worse shape than I thought.

    Third base: Edwin Encarnacion. A GM’s nightmare. All the talent is there, but he’s erratic and he’s 25. Could become a star somewhere else.

    Is there some gem of a prospect waiting to take his place? Play the kid and surround him with some competent offensive teammates.

    Shortstop: Jeff Keppinger has limited range. Say goodbye, Jeff.

    Is Gonzalez’s coming back a sure thing? Is there a single player on the bench better than Keppinger making less than $400,000?

    Outfield: Load ’em up and ship ’em out. Fan favorite Jay Bruce might hold down right field, but he’s slow.

    This guy is smoking crack if he thinks Bruce is slow. Dickerson may not be an All-Star but, again, is there someone better waiting in the wings?

    Pitching: Rotation looks good. Aaron Harang, Edinson Volquez, Johnny Cueto and Bronson Arroyo. Bullpen needs rebuilding. Don’t worry. Jocketty and staff know where the talent is.

    Mostly agree except with the last statement. Walt Jocketty has a lot to prove. He isn’t being given the $90 million plus payroll he had in St. Louis (or is he?).

  3. Chris

    Greg Simms made a fool of himself with that nonsense. Does he think every white guy is automatically slow? Votto and Bruce both run pretty well for men of their size – and more importantly, can convert decent raw speed into usable baseball speed.

    And if you think BP is “the team’s best player,” I don’t think I can help you. Me, I’m not all that impressed with a 96 OPS+ and a dozen GIDPs.