September 27, 1951: National League owners name Warren Giles as the new President of the NL to succeed Ford Frick. Powel Crosley immediately named 41 year old Gabe Paul as the Reds vice-president and GM to replace the departed Giles.

Giles seemed to have the magic touch when he was hired by the Reds after the ’36 season. He made all the right moves, winning a NL pennant in ’39 and a World Series in ’40. During the remainder of the ’40’s, most of his decisions ended badly, however, and the Reds dropped into the second division. Giles was particularly cautious and gun-shy by 1949. During his last two years as the Reds deal maker, Giles made only one trade involving a starting player, despite the Reds dire need for new talent. Paul came to Cincinnati from Rochester with Giles in ’36. H was successively promoted from mpublicity director, to traveling secretary, to Giles’ top assistant. Paul quickly made his presence known with a flurry of deals that built the Reds into a pennant contender by ’56.

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