By the time you read this, I will be here and the game between the Virginia Cavaliers — my alma mater — and the USC Trojans should be winding to a miserable end. I just hope UVa doesn’t look as bad as the Reds have looked most of this season.

Those of you who aren’t watching college football can watch Ramon Ramirez’s major league debut against the Giants tonight. Discuss the game — or anything else you’d like to talk about — here….

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  1. Kurt Frost

    I should have brought a high power rifle so I could send patterson and bako on the 15 day DL.

  2. Kurt Frost

    Its so quiet in here I think I could yell hey dusty patterson sucks and he would actually hear me.

  3. Kurt Frost

    That was an exciting inning. The lady beside me smells like she took a bath in the sewer.

  4. Dunner was cool

    this convo is funny
    kurt u rock
    tell sewer lady i said hi

  5. Shane

    Then as soon as you compliment him on it, it dies lol

  6. Y-City Jim

    Ramirez is actually being somewhat pitch efficient.

  7. Y-City Jim

    You know you have a bad pitching staff when you surrender this much offense to the Reds.

  8. World

    Kurt Frost-

    You are not alone.

    Have another cold one. Or two.

    And pray for a minor injury so you can see a great sight at the Rojos contest: that of my buddies Mark Mann and/or Stevey “ChooChoo” Bauman run out on the field. Well, Mark doesn’t exactly run. He sort of waddles.
    Yell “Crown and Seven” and see if he looks up.

  9. Kurt Frost

    Sewer lady moved in the 2nd inning, we moved in the fifth inning, guess who is across the aisle and 4 rows down? That was excellent base running by Bruce.

  10. Y-City Jim

    Speaking of hot ladies, McCain’s running mate is one nice looking woman. I would almost vote for that ticket.

  11. Phill

    Hey, Ramon, welcome to the Cincinnati Reds…

  12. mhopp

    And a good effort is ruined by another screw up…why would anyone want to play for this team?

  13. Y-City Jim

    Bullpen implosion! Just like the good ol’ days.

  14. Y-City Jim

    George still using a happy voice. What is wrong with that man?

  15. Phill

    Come on Dusty, use a reliever who isn’t struggling for christ sake.

  16. Y-City Jim

    Is that Manute Bol at the plate?

  17. Y-City Jim

    George!!! This team stinks!!! Quit sounding happy!!! There is nothing to be happy about!!!

  18. Y-City Jim

    Bats win tonight with three runs in the 9th. Thompson the winner.

  19. Y-City Jim

    San Francisco pitching reaches a new low:

    Patterson – 2 for 4 with a RBI triple. How much lower can you get?

    George ices it by saying Patterson “reached a mark he had been trying to get to for a while.” Nice for one’s aspiration to be to hit .200.

  20. Y-City Jim

    New reason to hate Patterson. He just cost the Reds a run there.

  21. Kurt Frost

    Did he not score before the out at second? The wife and I were wondering what happened.

  22. Y-City Jim

    Let’s tally ex-Reds who will see post season this year:


  23. Y-City Jim

    Scary ending or as scary as it can get for a team that is 25+ games back.

  24. mhopp

    Dear God, we’re going to see Crappy P until the end of the 2010 season with Crusty Baker’s contract through then.

  25. Kevin

    I can’t believe he’s at .200. I’m so pissed.

  26. Y-City Jim

    So how much will Patterson get fined for not running hard in the 9th and costing the Reds an insurance run?

  27. Y-City Jim

    Survey question:

    If you can only get rid of one, who would you pick to get rid of?

    a – Corey Patterson
    b – George Grande

  28. Phill

    mhopp, why is it when Corey does something to help this team all you do is rag on him? Other than the fact that he didn’t run hard for home, which he should have, he had a great game today. Everytime he does something good it’s always(not just you) someone going “ugh now he’s going to be resigned.” And when he does something bad or does what most the other players are doing(such as striking out against a pitcher) he’s the sole caues for the team being bad. He’s awful, he SHOULD be DFA’d. He probably won’t be. Can we let it rest and complain when he does something bad and not when he does something good?

  29. Phill

    Jim, I’d probably get rid of Grande assuming Patterson is gone at the end of the year anyway…I’ve never seen so many bloops get caught without the fielder having to move!

    Also, has there been any players fined for not hustling since like the 70s? I’d love to see a benching in the least but we know it won’t happen. Dusty isn’t into tough love.

  30. Y-City Jim

    Plus there is just no depth at the outfield position.

    There needs to be a system in place to punish players for things such as a lack of hustle. It doesn’t need to be money but something.

  31. Chris

    Personally, I sincerely hope that both Bako and Patterson have sub-.200 averages when this season concludes. I have to think that would make it impossible for the Reds to resign either.

  32. Fire Dusty NOW

    My guess: Bako stays, Patterson goes.

  33. Y-City Jim

    If I am Walt Jocketty, I allow no players with prior Baker connections. He simply refuses or is incapable of being objective in his use of them.

  34. per14

    Reds lead the NL in caught steals and are dead last in stolen base percentage. How ’bout dem fundamentals?!