Well, I made my final start of the ’08 season last night. Besides missing one start at the very beginning of the season, I made it through my first full professional season without my injuries or signs of breakdown (besides the outing I gave up 10 ER’s in 3 2/3 innings). I want to thank everyone who followed my performance this year. I really appreciate all the support and feedback I received.

I will definitely be making two posts in the next couple weeks. The first will cover this season: the highlights, low-points, and overall assessment. The second will just overview my off-season plan and goals for next season.

Please feel free to ask any questions you have ever pondered about minor league baseball, the Reds from inside the organization, or absolutely anything else. My email address is matthew_klinker @ hotmail .com (include the underscore, but not the blanks). I’m an open book.