Win number 16 for Edinson Volquez? If it happens, it will come at the expense of former ace lefty Barry Zito. Discuss it here….

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  1. Scott

    You know you’re a die hard fan when…

    …you are following the game via ESPN Gamecast since you live in Texas and you want to know how close Votto’s flyout was to lewaving the park.

  2. Scott

    You know the Reds are out of it when…

    …noone is around to answer on a Reds blog. Sigh.

  3. Shane

    Votto batting cleanup. That’s a welcome change

  4. Scott

    I wish Hannigan were playing, he looked good when he played here in Houston this week.

  5. Scott

    I think the Red’s pitchers have struggled with walks and high pitch counts – it is frustrating to watch them pitch around the strike zone. This has gone on for several years and none of the pitching coaches has helped. I remember when they talked about pitching to contact. Hasn’t taken place.

  6. Scott

    Hey, if you can multitask and do two or three things at once – waiting for a second grand slam can be entertaining.

  7. rob

    Brantley described Dickerson’s double off the left field wall as “a popup… ball…over the left fielder’s head and off the wall…”

  8. Scott

    OK, EE can get two in one game! Come on EE.

  9. Kurt Frost

    Dickerson will definitely be benched tomorrow. He’s taking way too many pitches.

  10. Phill

    Wow I was at this game. Man it was awesome to see EE come up in that situation and finally suceed this year. Dickerson was just impressive and is on some kind of a roll. Volquez was obviously not on his game tonight,then again the defense was very suspect. Positive to take from this is MAYBE just MAYBE Dusty will wise up and let Jolbert get some more starts and that the team struck early, then fought back, and kept fighting.

  11. Y-City Jim

    Barry Zito is obviously a mere shadow of his former self.

    Only four more wins needed to avoid a 100 loss season. Make us proud, Dusty.