Looks like Chris Dickerson has very quickly learned what Reds Baseball ™ is all about:

Chris Dickerson had no excuse.

He was picked off first base Thursday. He was walking back the bag with his head down when catcher Humberto Quintero threw to first. It was a big play. The Reds were down 2-0 in a game they ended up losing 3-2. Dickerson was only the third base-runner of the day to that point.

“I was being lazy,” he said. “I dropped my head. It was lackadaisical, lazy on my part. It’s so basic, so fundamental: Know where the ball is at all times. I lost sight of that.”

I like Chris Dickerson — he’s going to be a decent backup outfielder for someone for the next few years — and I don’t mean to pick on him. It’s just that after eight years of watching this exact same nonsense, it gets tiring.

I thought Dusty Baker was going to stress fundamentals with this team. Has anyone seen any indication of that?