Josh Fogg vs. Roy Oswalt tonight. Wow, that sounds ugly on paper, but I’m optimistic. I’m predicting that Fogg will pitch Cincinnati’s second complete game of the season tonight!

Agree or disagree?

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  1. Shane

    I see that ol Dusty got scared that we might win 2 in a row and stuck Bako and Patterson in there to make sure we didn’t 🙄

  2. Fire Dusty NOW

    So Hanigan catches the 1st CG of the year, hits the go-ahead HR in the 8th inning, and throws out Miguel Tejada trying to steal. How does Dusty reward him? With a good ole’ fashion benching.

  3. Matt Steele

    It’s really hard to be optimistic regardless of who’s playing when we’re facing Roy Oswalt. Does he still own the title of best winning percentage against a single team (with like 10 decisions or something)?

    I’m surprised and happy we have a lead at the moment and I hope we keep it.

    Going to go look up the Oswalt stats real quick

  4. mhopp

    Hey Fire Dusty NOW…this is exactly what I’ve been saying all year! This is why this team plays sooo poorly…because Crusty Baker rewards people that do bad with more chances and people that do good with less chances. There is no excuse for Bako being in since Fogg is on the mound…this is complete BS!!

  5. mhopp

    And it’s Bako and Patterson with the “AUTO-OUTS” this is why they MUST FIRE DUST BAKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Phill

    Is there a way to send a letter to Jocketty or even Dusty himself? Like send it to GABP but address to one of them? I figure if reporters aren’t going to even bother asking actual questions maybe I can get a response…ya never know!

  7. Phill

    Matt, I think Oswalt against the Reds has a line of like 21-2 or something insane like that.

  8. preach

    “Dickerson bloop into left” as the left fielder catches it one step shy of the warning track. To George, you could bloop one into the upper deck.

  9. mhopp

    Phill, I just sent an email to Mark Sheldon…pleading to help. The fact that Dusty has Bako and Patterson in with Fogg on the mound is completely irrational (Patterson maybe to give Bruce a rest but still, it’s Patterson).

    I thought the same thing but don’t know how to get it to them…anyone else with some ideas? I will send letters and believe it’s worth the $.41 to send each one!!

  10. mhopp

    I can’t even stand to watch whether the Reds are winning or not. I just can not stand to know that CP and PB are in the line up. I’d rather watch AA and AAA and see the young talent that will be present in Cinci in 2010 after Dusty has is in his 3rd season of running this team into the ground.

  11. DevilsAdvocate

    US stamps cost $0.42 these days…

  12. Matt Steele

    I’ve been trying to check on baseball-reference but that site hasn’t been loading for me. Not sure if anyone else can check on Oswalt’s record against the Reds all time?

  13. DevilsAdvocate

    Yeah, that sounds pretty crazy. Poor Pittsburgh – they need prospects desperately. And the Pirates had previously had a policy of not dealing with Boras . . . that’ll teach ’em.

  14. mhopp

    Sorry, $.42 for a stamp now. Even at $4.20 it’s still worth it.

  15. mhopp

    2nd time through line up for Fogg, here we go! Oh, Bako and CP are up in the next inning so we’ll score runs! 🙄

  16. Y-City Jim

    Boras lacks any ounce of integrity.

  17. Y-City Jim

    That may kill the Reds chances of winning tonight. This Patterson-Bako duo led offense has been downright pitiful this month. I think only twice did a line-up with those two in it score more than three runs in a game this month.

  18. mhopp

    IS EVERYONE WATCHING THE NEXT INNING? BAKO, PATTERSON and FOGG…I’ll take bets on Fogg getting a hit.

  19. mhopp

    8 pitches…inning over…Is this manager blind?

  20. Y-City Jim

    I understand there are not a lot of options for the outfield but this continually running out of Bako is ridiculous. Hanigan should start every game the rest of the season.

  21. mhopp

    Berkman coming up soon…not good for Fogg.

  22. Y-City Jim

    Oswalt averaging less than 12 pitches an inning. Dusty has succeeded in creating a team that doesn’t clog the bases.

  23. Y-City Jim

    I thought George and Chris said Oswalt didn’t throw hard anymore. He just hit 95.

  24. mhopp

    Bats win #86…Livingston beat up though and Stubbs 0 for 5. Richar 3 for 5 though.

  25. mhopp

    So sayeth thy Crusty One to thy Crappy one.

  26. Y-City Jim

    Could watching the Democratic National Convention be any more painful than watching this?

  27. Phill

    Uh-oh, Corey got a hit. I smell a pick off!

  28. Y-City Jim

    If they ever make a Joe Dirt II, I think Majewski should be cast in the starring role.

  29. mhopp

    A fitting end to a foolish manager, Corey Patterson Strikes again! FIRE DUSTY BAKER NOW!!!

  30. CeeKeR

    I didn’t watch the game, but I enjoyed the commentary nonetheless. At this point, it’s all we got.

    Well, that and rooting for Corey Patterson to somehow finish the season with the lowest batting average ever for a starting outfielder. That’s something.

  31. mike

    Can I have some of what you’re smoking?

    Fogg has started 192 games in his career (most of the time sucking) and has 2(!!) complete games!


    The only player I could find clearly WORSE than Fogg has, sadly a Reds connection. Jimmy Haynes started 203 games with 2 CG

    Here are the worst starters I could find when it comes to CG with at least 175 starts. Not just Reds but in all of baseball history!
    CG GS
    2 203 Jimmy Haynes
    2 192 Josh Fogg
    3 245 Penny
    3 205 Kip Wells
    3 192 Padilla
    3 176 Schourek

    3 Reds

  32. mike

    Well, that and rooting for Corey Patterson to somehow finish the season with the lowest batting average ever for a starting outfielder. That’s something.

    my first thought was, no chance. He’s AWFUL!! but his average is actually high for someone as bad as him. It’s luck I think, you make contact ALL THE TIME you’re likely to get a few hits. Now….lowest OBP for a “starting” OF? Maybe.

    He has 295 PA, which is not exactly “starting”. But lets take a look.

    first batting average (275 PA OK?)
    Patterson doesn’t make the top 10 (worst) among OF when avg is adjusted. But he’s close. He’s the 17th worst of all time. He has no chance of catching #1 and #2 but maybe #3, Rob Deer in 1991

    1 Stump Wiedman 1884 -.088 .163 .252
    2 Jim Lillie 1886 -.084 .175 .259
    3 Rob Deer 1991 -.082 .179 .260
    4 Ruben Rivera 1999 -.081 .195 .276
    5 Tom Brown 1895 -.079 .223 .302
    6 Gorman Thomas 1975 -.079 .179 .258
    7 Lance Blankenship 1993 -.076 .190 .267
    8 Jimmy Sheckard 1913 -.075 .194 .270
    9 Ike Eichrodt 1927 -.072 .221 .293
    10 Freddy Parent 1910 -.072 .178 .250
    11 Eric Anthony 1990 -.072 .192 .264
    12 Ed Hahn 1909 -.071 .181 .253
    13 John Shelby 1989 -.071 .183 .254
    14 Nemo Leibold 1920 -.071 .220 .292
    15 George Wright 1985 -.071 .190 .261
    16 Jason Lane 2006 -.071 .201 .272
    17 Corey Patterson 2008 -.071 .196 .266

    And OBP?
    Patterson is the 3rd WORST IN BASEBALL HISTORY AMONG OF!

    He’s close to #2 Danny Bautista in 1995 who had an OBP of .237.

    The 5 worst OBA vs league average for OF with at least 275 PA (eh, worst 5)

    1 Jim Lillie 1886 -.112 .197 .308
    2 Danny Bautista 1995 -.107 .237 .344
    3 Corey Patterson 2008 -.105 .233 .338
    4 Darrin Jackson 1993 -.100 .237 .337
    5 Ike Eichrodt 1927 -.096 .265 .361