I meant to throw up an open thread earlier…

Here are a couple of links, because I know that we haven’t discussed Adam Dunn enough lately. First, I can’t believe I agree with Hal McCoy:

I do think (the Reds) might have shot themselves in at least the left foot for next year by trading Dunn. He’ll be impossible to replace.

Then there’s this from ESPN.com (tip of the cap to faithful reader Matt Steele for this one):

Once you get past the ugly aesthetics, though, strikeouts aren’t nearly as damaging as they might appear. Study after study on the topic of strikeouts shows that they’re virtually the same as any other out. Sure, you can’t advance a runner the way you can with a well-placed groundout or flyout. But you can’t hit into a double play, either.

Still, when we see Adam Dunn strike out 190 times in a season and hit below .240, it’s easy to get irrational and conclude that he’s not a good hitter or a valuable offensive player, and the Diamondbacks didn’t help themselves much in trading for him this summer.

Here’s the thing: Dunn’s actually one of the most valuable offensive players in the game. Has been for years. In fact, Dunn has an excellent chance to bag his fifth straight season of 40 homers and 100 walks. Only one other player in the history of the game has accomplished that feat. His name is Barry Bonds.

Okay, discuss whatever you’d like. Even Adam Dunn.