I don’t really believe that John Fay has the finger on the pulse of what the fans are saying about this team, but small portions of this article makes a lotta sense:

What they are ticked off about is management’s reluctance to turn the page.

What they are ticked off about is that Corey Patterson’s still on the team. I’ve got nothing against Patterson. But he’s hitting .196. It’s Aug. 23. He has as much chance of being on the Opening Day roster for 2009 as I do.

If Castellini and Jocketty wanted to win points with fans, they should have designated Patterson for assignment, called up Drew Stubbs and played Stubbs, Chris Dickerson and Jay Bruce in the outfield for the rest of the year.

Is Stubbs ready? I’ve got no clue. But he has to be on the 40-man roster next year, and it’s time to find out.

Patterson isn’t the only guy who should be sent out. Josh Fogg is in the starting rotation. Let him go and put Matt Maloney or Homer Bailey in there.

Ryan Hanigan should be catching five days a week.

Turn the page.

That’s what fans want.

First things first: what the fans want is very rarely what is best for the team. If the Reds took advice from the mouthbreathers who call in to WLW, the Reds would be even worse than they are.

Secondly, bringing up Drew Stubbs is a remarkably bad idea.

However, the Patterson, Fogg, and Paul Bako stuff is what everyone here has been saying since Opening Day.

Read the entire article. It’s clear that Fay really has very little clue what makes a good franchise, but it makes for good reading. Plus, it gives us something else to argue about discuss, as if we needed anything else. 🙂