I’m watching the U.S. men’s basketball team play in the gold medal game at the Olympics; I haven’t watched much of the Olympic Games, but I recorded this one last night. Can’t get enough of LeBron James.

Discuss the Reds game here….

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  1. Fire Dusty NOW

    Looks like Johnny Cueto has that built in handicap again. Patterson and Bako back-to-back.

  2. AnnapolisRed

    LeBron James played well, but Wade and Bryant won the game for them. What a great game.

  3. Kevin

    Veteran utilityman Jolbert Cabrera started in Keppinger’s place. But with the Reds out of contention and looking to see what they have for the future, might it have been a good opportunity to give rookie infielder Adam Rosales his first big league start?

    Baker says no.

    “He hasn’t played much shortstop — mostly third and first,” Baker said. “I’ll get him in there at some point. I get all the guys in there, don’t I? You want him to feel comfortable where he’s been playing. You want to field your best team, defensively and offensive, on a daily basis.”

    Rosales played 25 games at shortstop this season, 64 at third base and 19 at first base. Cabrera entered Sunday with 53 games played at shortstop over eight big league seasons, but played well there in the previous seven games this year.

  4. Kevin

    ^ That’s from Mark Sheldon. I feel like it’s at least sort of in the right direction, in terms of challenging Baker’s crummy decisions and cheap explanations.

    “I get all the guys in there, don’t I?”

    Certainly gets Cabrera, Patterson, and Bako in there enough. He’s saying that, and Rosales has 7 at bats. Jocketty made the right decision calling up Rosales to get some experience, unfortunately the manager is a (insert insult here).

    I’m really tired of seeing these geezers who have no future with our team playing literally everyday. Especially after we got that letter about “valuable playing time for the young guys.”

  5. Phill

    Can we call this Corey being Corey?

    Dude needs to be on a strict never take your foot off the bag rule. The saddest part is he doesn’t get thrown out by a catcher that often. It’s also the pitcher throwing over.

  6. TylerS

    Not counting home runs, Patterson has reached base 56 times and has been caught stealing 8 times. 1 out of every 7 times he has reached base he has been caught stealing.

    Counting his other baserunning blunders, he might produce an out in almost 25% of the rare occasions that he actually reaches base.

  7. BenL

    Wikipedia says that CP told a newspaper that he plans to retire after 2008. Is this true? I’ve never heard that before, it’s not cited, and I can’t find any other info about it.

  8. TylerS

    In contrast, BJ Upton, who leads the majors in CS with 14, is only caught stealing in about 1 of every 15 times he reaches.

  9. Phill

    BenL, that would certainly explain in my mind at least why Dusty is letting him play so much.

  10. Phill

    Wow, strain in his right tricep? Hopefully it isn’t anything too serious.

  11. mhopp

    great, there goes Cueto with an injury…can we blame that on Dusty? The names Mark Prior and Kerri Wood come to mind.

  12. World

    No, the names Mark “Big League” Mann and Steve “The Colonel” Bauman come to mind.

  13. Phill

    mhopp, I hope to hell that is sarcasm.

  14. renbutler

    Did he just insinuate that Sandra Bullock is a lib?

    Dang, there goes the fantasy.

  15. Dan

    I don’t know who gets the blame, if anyone, but regardless, the most important thing for the Reds over the last 5 weeks is to keep Cueto and Volquez healthy! They are both getting close to their career highs in IP.

    I’m not saying that Baker abused Cueto in this case — I hope this is just a scare — but let’s keep in mind that there is NOTHING to be gained by even coming remotely close to over-extending the young guys!!

  16. mhopp

    Can we just get rid of Dusty Baker, send him to the minors and that will automatically make us rid of Crappy P and the other losers…There goes Dickerson…I’m thinking he’s just hot…hope he’s not doing anything like the “Beefed up” Barry…oh no!! Majewski warming…game over.

  17. mhopp

    Agree…cut back the pitching by Cueto and Volquez, might as well be careful with Harang too. Bring up the youngsters after Sept. 1st or when Bats playoffs over. Bring up Rick sweet and DFA Dusty Baker…preferably an assignment on the moon or something. 😡

  18. mhopp

    Is anyone besides Soto in competition with Votto for the Rookie of the Year???? If Votto breaks .300 and has a September like last year he could be the ROY this year!

  19. Phill

    Can we not get rid of Dusty Baker?

    Dusty hasn’t come close to overworking Cueto so quit with the he’s killing young arms BS. That’s all that is, bull.

  20. Phill

    I wish Joey could win the ROY but since Soto plays for not only a big market team but a first place team it seems unlikely. Although I think if two players put up identical/similar numbers and one is on a god awful team they should get the nod.

  21. mhopp

    I was kidding about over working young arms but was VERY serious about getting rid of him as a manager. He’s made inexcusably poor decisions this year.

  22. World


    If you ever get to know Big Bob and the rest of the crew, you’ll understand precisely what is happening.

    Don’t blame Dusty. He is under orders to win. Bako and Patterson are veterans of major league play. They’ve had some success in their careers and he trusts them more than kids from Louisville. So Bako and Patterson play. That’s it. The Reds are in lat place and that infuriates Bob C. So the veterans play. They know what the other guys can do. And they’ll get a chance to show more of their stuff in mid to late September when no one is watching Reds baseball any longer.

    It’s not up to Dusty. Bob C. didn’t spend a zillion dollars to look at the Pirates in fifth place every morning when he takes his coffee and eggs. That absolutely kids him. He’s a success in his business because he took charge of what happens each day.

    C’est la vie. Dusty is just doing the owner’s will. Which is to win right now even the games don’t mean much to a lot of folks. Baker is not the first one in this position. And don’t think Bob wouldn’t fire him if things don’t pick up. Dusty knows that.

    Oh well, back to the beer.

  23. Glenn

    Cueto and Volquez pitch every 5 days. So does every other front line starting pitcher in the league I don’t see that as being overworked. There’s alot to be critical of Baker for (Patterson!) but its not overworking these two.

  24. mhopp

    Beer, a Reds fan’s best friend. I do appreciate the letter from Bob and Walt and actually believe that the reds have some great young talent, even in the minors (Stubbs, Roenokie, Cumberland, Rosales, Fisher, Manuel, Livingston, Dorn, Eyemann and others at lower levels) but how about letting them play…we just want some excitement. I’ve had more fund watching the AA and AAA teams than the Reds this year and can’t wait to see some of these guys come up, except Bailey who needs to be demoted and get his head straight.

  25. Dan

    Cueto is 22 and Volquez is 24. This season is LOST.

    If either one of them exceeds 180 or 185 IP, I’d consider it needlessly risky.

    Bob C. needs to get over himself and be prudent for 2009 and beyond.

  26. World

    Next year, next year.

    Now, off to the church ice cream social. How is that going to compete with a cold brew?

    Really, Bob wants to get out of the cellar and put together a winning streak of sorts. That would help the ticket sales in the off season and would assit in easing in some of the kids that you mentioned. If Dusty plays the kids now and they get absolutely buried, then what does he do?

    Off to church.

  27. mhopp

    Dan-totally agree!! Oh, we’re going to see the not so Magic man next inning…time to go for a bicycle ride, see ya.

  28. Dan

    Eh, I didn’t go far enough.

    If Volquez and/or Cueto reach 190 IP or more, that would be — in my book — stupid, irresponsible, and incredibly short-sighted.

  29. mhopp

    Gee, Dusty didn’t know that Holiday would get on base off Majewski? This is the kind of crap I’m talking about. He barely got through the bottom of the line up. This is the first time we’ve seen Affeldt in a while, wonder why?

  30. World

    I didn’t leave yet. I love Marty B. He is the sh*t. He’s burying Bako- “is there something wrong with his arm?”

  31. AnnapolisRed

    mhopp-If Dusty gets fired will you quit posting?

  32. BenL

    Hey, Coco’s away because his wife is having a baby. I can think of no happier situation in which to see Stormy!

  33. Derek in Ontario

    Five errors on the game. Bad News Bears, anyone?

  34. Phill

    Ben, that’s where Cordero is? I was sitting here going nuts over why he isn’t out there. Totally understandable then.It still sucks…much like this team.

  35. Kevin

    Well, what do you know, Weathers blew the game.

  36. BenL

    2 or 3 errors and a bad balk call blew the game. Weathers did enough to get the save.

  37. Kevin

    Oh, well, I stand corrected. My gameday won’t load so I’m just watching by refreshing reds.com every once in a while.

  38. Phill

    booo national weather service interuptions.

    Something has got to give in this game. If Cordero really is gone then they only got Lincoln left.

  39. preach

    Time to send Harang back out there for a few innings of relief.

    That would be funny if I didn’t believe it was really going to happen.

  40. preach

    George said that “Dusty is running out of bullets…”

    Boy, if I wasn’t trying to improve myself, I could take that comment and make some very twisted remarks….

  41. preach

    There are a whole lot of shadows on the field right now. Bad time of day in Denver.

  42. Kyle

    Did Dusty just do a double switch at the top of the inning so that the PITCHER still had to bat in the bottom of the inning….

  43. Kyle

    keppinger in with the double switch, then valentin as the switch hitter.

  44. Kurt Frost

    Glad it’s finally over. You know Harang was the next pitcher out of the bullpen.

  45. mhopp

    As I predicted, Dusty brings in Stormy Weathers in the 9th in a one run game rather than Bill Bray…Fire DUSTY BAKER NOW!!! Thank God I didn’t waste my time watching. Dusty Baker does NOT know how to win with this team…I’ll be watching Rick Sweet at AAA…he knows how to win!

  46. Mike

    You’re not going to win anything with five errors and five hits. This team is a joke. No fire, no energy and a manager that acts like he doesn’t care. If Bob and Walt really want to win then they’re going to have to spend some money and build around the young core. A lot more deadwood to get rid of in the off-season, including the manager. A big name does not automaticly carry over into a successful manager. Time to give Rick Sweet a chance.

  47. Phill

    Rick Sweet Rick Sweet Rick Sweet blah blah blah. Rick Sweet has benefited from having talent on his team.

    David Weathers last year performed very well in save opportunities. Bray in his short career has not exactly shined when put into a save situation.

    Dave Weathers this year has a 2.28 ERA on the road.In save situations he has a 1.78 ERA. Bray this year has a 2.57 ERA in save situations(only 7 innings). Bill Bray on the road has a 4.58 ERA.

    So how was that a dumb move again?

  48. Dan

    Just read this on mlb.com about Cueto:

    “He had come in between innings and said he started to develop some stiffness and soreness in the back of his elbow,” Mann said. “It looked like his triceps tendon. With Johnny being as young as he is, and with him logging as many innings as he has, we wanted to err on the side of caution and not take any chances. So the decision was made to remove him from the game.”

    In 27 starts this season, Cueto is 8-12 with a 4.65 ERA in 153 2/3 innings. His career high of innings was set last season in the Minors with 161 1/3.

  49. Dan

    That’s the number I was looking for — 161 1/3 innings last year.

    I think the rule of thumb is not to increase your innings by more than 10% one year after another.

    With Cueto as young as he is (22), and with the season as done as it is, I think Cueto’s max should be 180 IP.

    I mean… if this is bad, he could have thrown his last pitch today. I sure hope not.

    If he’s OK, I’d still shut him down at 180. I see no advantage at all in pushing it beyond that.

  50. AnnapolisRed

    Phill-Totally agree with you. Look, we all think Dusty Basker is a below average manager but some of you lose some credibility when you blather on and on in EVERY post. Not EVERY move Dusty makes is a bad move. Some of you are like the boy that cried wolf. When you say something that makes sense it gets lost in all the sound and fury of your previous posts.

  51. The Redhead

    The truth is…many of Dusty’s moves don’t makes sense. His lineups, who he plays, his use of pitchers…I can’t think of any one area where I feel he has done well. I really truly believe Jocketty will give him the boot. My hope is, LaRussa coems over to be reunited with Jocketty. Then we would definitely be on the right road.